Woman’s Day (Australia)



What’s your favourite utensil that you use even when it’s not needed?

I actually use my hands more than I should when making food.

What’s your go-to cheat meal?

A simple pasta dish. Can’t go wrong.

What does your family think is your culinary specialty?

Seafood – a whole roasted fish is my specialty in their eyes.

If you wanted to impress someone, what would you cook?

The only person I want to impress is my fiancee, and she loves anything with anchovies in it.

What’s your go-to meal to cook yourself when you’re feeling melancholy?

Definitely a lasagne!

What’s your favourite food concoction that most people hate?

Cheese and tomato sauce sandwiches.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

I could never answer that question because I eat so many different types of epic food every day in my job! Could not pick one...

If you had to choose between sweet and savoury foods, what would you pick?

Savoury every day of the week!

What would your final meal be?

Anchovies on toast.

What ingredient do you think every Aussie should have in their pantry?

Salt and pepper, obviously. Imagine food without those two ingredient­s!

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

A lamb’s testicle. Cooked rare.

What food trend is next?

Cheese and tomato sauce sandwiches!

What food trend needs to die?

Micro herbs.

 ??  ?? Barbecued cumquats, anyone?
Barbecued cumquats, anyone?

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