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Leo and Kate are set to make fans swoon all over again


Friends have privately described Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio as “lifelong soulmates”, so they’re sure to be watching with bated breath as the Titanic lovers reunite this year to prepare for the 25th anniversar­y of their unsinkable hit film.

Sources tell Woman’s Day exclusivel­y the A-list pair – along with Titanic director James Cameron – “are in late-stage talks” over how to celebrate the movie’s quartercen­tury next year, and insiders say the “sky’s the limit”.


“There’s talk of a documentar­y, with Kate and Leo taking the starring role, of course,” says our industry insider.

“If money is no object, they’d even like to revisit the old set in Mexico and rebuild parts of it. Cameron wants to do a series of specials, including a touring exhibition, but one thing they all agree on is there will be a reunion party for cast and crew in Los Angeles.”

Friends say Kate and Leo are particular­ly excited about taking fans back to the filming location where her character Rose famously survived the tragic sinking by clinging onto

‘It’s the longest relationsh­ip either of them have had’

a floating wooden door in the below-freezing Atlantic Ocean, while her lover, Leo’s Jack, froze to death, his lifeless hand fused to hers.

“That scene has become an internet sensation with fans claiming Rose should have shared the door with Jack – and Kate and Leo would love to re-enact it for fun, just to test the theory,” says a source.

“They’re looking forward to going back to Rosarito, where they spent some of the best times of their lives.”

The town of Rosarito – recently more famous for being the adopted home of the Duchess of Sussex’s father, Thomas Markle Sr – is a gritty beachside enclave, four hours’ drive south of Los Angeles across the Mexican border.

These days, it’s dotted with surfer bars and American retirees hunting for cheap real estate.

But in the mid-1990s, when James began filming “the most expensive film ever made”, he bought a giant oceanfront lot where he built a movie studio – and a water tank where his ocean liner met its murky end – which was later turned into a theme park.

Sadly, little remains of Titanic’s presence, after Fox Studios sold the studio and theme park to local investors, who shuttered the property in the late 2000s amid a rise in cartel-fuelled violence and swine flu outbreaks.

“Kate and Leo are devastated to learn of Rosarito’s demise. It was the location that launched their careers into the stratosphe­re, and their close personal relationsh­ip blossomed, so they’re keen to put it on the map again,” says the source. “It has a place in their hearts.”

Of course, given that Kate, who turns 46 this week, is now married to Edward Abel Smith, 43, and Leo, 46, is in a longterm relationsh­ip with 24-yearold actress Camila Morrone, chances of the pair finally turning their friendship romantic this time around may be dead in the water.


But that won’t stop their significan­t others keeping a close eye on their reunion, given Kate has described Leo as “the love of my life”.

Leo, meanwhile, has openly described Kate as “beautiful, radiant”, and the best kiss he’s ever had.

“They may never have openly dated as it’s never been the right time, but there’s no doubt there’s something incredibly special between Kate and Leo,” says a source.

“They have stayed very much in touch since Titanic. Since shooting the movie, they’ve grown up together – really, it’s the longest relationsh­ip either of them have ever had.

“It will be interestin­g to see how things pan out with them, if this reunion project with James goes ahead. One thing’s for sure – you know that their chemistry is going to be electric, even after all these years.”

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 ?? ?? Kate and Leo stole our hearts as Titanic’s ill-fated lovers Rose and Jack.
Kate and Leo stole our hearts as Titanic’s ill-fated lovers Rose and Jack.
 ?? ?? The couple are keen to reunite for their blockbuste­r’s 25th anniversar­y.
The couple are keen to reunite for their blockbuste­r’s 25th anniversar­y.
 ?? ?? Despite never dating, the co-stars share a loving bond.
Despite never dating, the co-stars share a loving bond.

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