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Astrology 2023 -Love & luck

Our astrologer JENNY BLOOM shares what’s in store for you in life, love and work in 2023


ARIES March 21 – April 20

Smile, this really is the year of the new you. Changes made through summer should leave you feeling happier and healthier, while at work, your proactive approach reaps rewards. And wow – as the weather starts to cool down, your creative endeavours have the potential to amaze all. LOVE Let the love in! Winter’s romantic stars might weave a magical spell for singles, while for couples, October could mark an important turning point. If your love-life needs spicing up, hit the dance floor or join a local sporting club. Mixed doubles, anyone?

LUCK Autumn’s expansive starscape could turn a dream into reality, not just financiall­y, but on the home and family fronts. A beautiful new baby (or fur-baby!) might even make an appearance. Your wish-power is unusually strong this year, so put it to good use.


As that old restless streak resurfaces, life certainly won’t be boring for Elle. It’s out with the old and in with the new!

TAURUS April 21 – May 21

Wondering where you’re heading? Don’t overthink it, simply follow your heart. Take risks, change patterns and reach for those dreams. With Jupiter boosting your confidence from mid-may, there’ll be no holding you back. Life’s too short! LOVE Your inner glow is acting like a beacon.

Autumn’s social stars are filled with celebratio­ns, while for singles, spring’s romantic winds might sweep you off your feet. The eclipses could signal a shift in strategy, but for couples, new goals should strengthen your bonds.

LUCK Those networking skills are powering up, and so is your good fortune. With Pluto perched on your chart’s midheaven, a world of possibilit­ies is opening up. Change is inevitable this year, so get organised and grab opportunit­ies as they appear.


Cate may wish for peace and stability, but with mischievou­s Uranus stirring the pot, 2023 could spring a few surprises.

GEMINI May 22 – June 21

Combining work and play? That’s a cinch for you! Saturn may increase responsibi­lities from March, but with the support of friends, you’ll handle it with finesse. Team efforts should prove satisfying, not just financiall­y, but socially as well. As they say, you reap what you sow.

LOVE What a popular person you are! As your circle of friends expands, your toughest task might be saying “no”. The secret is to pursue your interests, particular­ly if you’re looking for love. Winter’s restless stars could possibly send you on a sentimenta­l journey, literally.

LUCK Dreams could become a reality this year, so make them good ones. With Mars boosting your drive and determinat­ion, personal projects and group ventures should fly. As your knack for buying and selling shines through, you might even become a fundraisin­g queen.


As Kylie travels the world, new dreams and goals will begin to crystalise for her. A major move might just be the first step!

CANCER June 22 – July 23

You may love your creature comforts, but the cosmos is propelling you out and about. As Saturn piques your curiosity, an urge to travel or learn about the world could take hold. And, fortuitous­ly, it’s not only your knowledge that’s set to expand but your bank account, too.

LOVE Deep thinkers may prove magnetic this year, while for couples, a winter holiday could be a taste of things to come. August’s social sky could whip up a whirlwind of functions and events. And with Mars firing you up, you might join an action group or sporting team.

LUCK Don’t waste a golden opportunit­y that’s heading your way, show the world what you’re made of. Brush up old skills – or master some new ones! When Venus funnels energy into your Money Zone through winter, your efforts could pay off in a big way.


After a stressful couple of years, 2023 should feel like a walk in the park. A win might top things off nicely.

LEO July 24 – August 23

With lucky Jupiter perched high in your chart, look out world! For many, an exciting 11-year cycle is set to unfold – some Lions might even launch a business! Loans or long-term strategies could become a hot topic through winter, but it’s all about shoring things up for the future.

LOVE Couples, if you’ve made it through 2022, congratula­tions! After a testing two years, exciting new plans are being hatched. Winter looks wonderfull­y social – if a tad indulgent! – making it matchmaker heaven for singles. Prepare to be wined, dined… and wooed.

LUCK You may not win the lottery, but with your focus and determinat­ion ramping up, 2023 could still end up being a lucrative year. As that canny streak surfaces, you’ll be full of big ideas – just don’t take on too much. Reassess priorities in winter, then go for gold!

Decisions, decisions! An opportunit­y might lure Sandra out of her comfort zone, but the extra pressure could begin to take its toll.

SANDRA BULLOCK VIRGO August 24 – September 23

Bring it on! It’s not just your finances on the up and up, but your health and happiness, too. Saturn may have forced a few lifestyle changes, but as that old spring in your step returns, you’ll be raring to go. By winter, you’ll be dreaming of far-flung places, so better start saving now.


Fallen into a rut? All relationsh­ips need tweaking, so don’t ignore the signs. It’s all about shaking things up and rediscover­ing that old sense of fun. For singles, a budding romance could move quickly… and whoosh, a winter getaway might shift you into warp speed.

LUCK Your fortunes are on the up. The autumn eclipses could bring a raft of new strategies, along with a new position or partnershi­p. If investing has caught your eye, it’s time to get serious and learn more. Sometimes, it’s not who you know, but what!


Dreams really can come true, just ask Melissa. Love, success and a lavish lifestyle – if only she could have it all at the same time.

LIBRA September 24 – October 23

You’re in demand, Libra. Flattering, yes, but don’t run yourself dry. It’s all about pacing yourself, and balancing responsibi­lities with plenty of play. Your finances could hit overdrive from winter, but first, reassesses your long-term goals and commit to a plan. LOVE As your sparkle increases, your closest relationsh­ips should flourish. For couples, a shared vision or interest could reignite that buzz of excitement. And if you’re looking for love, you won’t need to look far – workplaces or gyms might set the scene for romance.

LUCK You deserve some good luck, and this year, chances are high that you’ll get it. With your energy levels ramping up and Jupiter stimulatin­g your finances (from May), magic really might happen. Supportive people are opening doors, so walk on through them.


Awards and accolades can be lovely, but as Kate matures, her greatest joy will come from helping others and “giving back”.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 22

As the song says, “…be who you want to be, yeah…” Rather than follow the crowd, follow your feelings and do your own thing. Whether it’s crazy passion projects, offbeat road trips or quirky business ideas, your actions will inspire others. You might even step into a leadership role.

LOVE Bring on the fun! As your confidence blossoms, you’ll feel ready for new people and new places. By March, even your partner might join in. Jupiter could bring an avalanche of invitation­s as the weather cools, along with some unexpected opportunit­ies for romance.

LUCK Your creative approach is impressive this year, so put it to good use. With Jupiter enhancing your natural networking skills, a sideline business could prove profitable, while for artistic types, a benefactor might extend a helping hand. Your good karma is starting to bounce back!


It’s all about keeping that boredom at bay. Toni’s feeling restless, and hey, what’s more fun than reinventin­g yourself?

SAGITTARIU­S November 23 – December 22

Searching for inner calm? An interest in yoga or alternativ­e medicine could gain strength this year, along with a passion for designing, gardening or recycling. And as Saturn settles into your home sector, a spot of househunti­ng or renovating could prove irresistib­le. LOVE Your recipe for happiness? Equal parts love, laughter and adventure. For couples, it’s all about finding common ground and balancing work and play. If you’re looking for love, the autumn eclipses could provide a turbocharg­ed boost, so hang on and enjoy the wild ride!

LUCK “Aren’t you lucky?” some might say, but they’re overlookin­g all the behindthe-scenes work… for when Jupiter fires up your enthusiasm, you’re unstoppabl­e. A midyear holiday could mark a high point, followed by a breakthrou­gh involving your health or work.


Life’s serious matters are taking centrestag­e for Julianne. With Saturn cracking the whip, she’s set to turn into an even bigger mover and shaker.

CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20

Feel a fresh spring in your step? If not, you soon will! As your spirits rise, that adventurou­s streak will be hard to contain. Creative pursuits could bring great joy, along with pastimes (or people!) that hark back to your childhood. Remember, laughter is always the best medicine.

LOVE As the weather cools down, your love-life will heat up. Cultural and sporting events should set

the scene for fun, while May’s sensual stars could invite romance. For couples, life might centre around little ones. You could even become a kids’ coach… or a parent!

LUCK New dreams are taking shape, and with Jupiter igniting your inner drive and determinat­ion, your efforts could exceed expectatio­ns. It’s never too late to explore your full potential – or your passions – so don’t hold back. By spring, you’ll be flying high and loving it.


Look out world! Pluto transits can be intense and obsessive, but when harnessed, they can turn people into powerhouse­s.

AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19

As Pluto shifts into your sign (on March 23), an irresistib­le desire to transform your life could take hold. Meanwhile, a budding interest in sustainabl­e living could awaken that inventive streak – and save you a small fortune. It’s all about reassessin­g priorities and getting back to the basics.

LOVE If your love-life needs spicing up, hit the gym or join forces with a local group. Cocooning urges could kick in from May, but sorry, that doesn’t equate to quiet. With Venus amping things up, your entertaini­ng (and decorating!) skills are in for a workout.

LUCK Jupiter is expanding your options. Workplace training or study courses might increase your earning power, while at home, clever revamps or cost-cutting drives could impress all. By spring, an unexpected payment or offer might prove to be perfectly timed.


Love is in the air and things could get hot and heavy this year, but will Jen want to give up her independen­ce?

PISCES February 20 – March 20

Let the learning begin! You’re soaking up new ideas like a sponge, so if your skills need brushing up, dive in. Saturn could step up your responsibi­lities from March, but on the flipside, local organisati­ons will draw inspiring people into your orbit. Singles, are you listening?

LOVE As your community grows stronger, local events could showcase

your special talents, and as a spin-off for singles, your dating pool will expand. These stars spell good news for couples, too, in fact, winter’s proactive patterns might propel you into a whole new era.

LUCK Neptune is letting you imagine all sorts of possibilit­ies. For some, long-held study or travel dreams will become a reality, while for others, a new money-making idea could take flight. With two eclipses firing up your finances, 2023 might just turn into a bumper year.


Balancing work and public appearance­s with downtime is essential this year, for beneath Catherine’s confident exterior lies a sensitive soul. FOR MORE ASTROLOGY, VISIT JENNYBLUME.COM.AU

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