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Will my finances enable me to retire this year? I would love to travel and see my family. Also, are there guardian angels looking over me and my sons? Will they have a good future? My son has just told me that I’m going to be a grandma. Will things go well with the baby? Hopeful Virgo

MITCHELL SAYS Congratula­tions, I feel things will go well for them with the baby and I know you’ll be a wonderful grandma. You have lots of angels watching over you and your family. I’m told you are very protected and that you’ll have an opportunit­y to travel and see your family soon. There is a lovely lady in Spirit from your mother’s side. She tells me you must not worry about your sons because they are on track. They will both have a lot of success around them in the future to look forward to – especially your youngest son. Things will soon become much easier for him.


I keep having variations of the same dream, where my partner is very interested and/or gets together with a friend of ours. Can you explain what these dreams might mean and why I keep having them? Mariwood

MITCHELL SAYS I’m picking up that the recurring dreams you’ve been having are nothing to worry about. I don’t feel your partner is being unfaithful or having a secret affair with your friend. The symbolic meaning and reason you are having these dreams is because it’s your soul’s way of helping you to release and let go of worries and insecuriti­es in other areas of your life that have been holding you back. Your angels are encouragin­g you to trust in the beautiful soulmate connection you share with your partner. I feel you bring out the best in one another.


Finding a white feather is a sign from your angels. If you find one, pick it up and say, “Thank you, angels.” Then hold the feather to your heart and ask for any help or guidance.

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