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JENNY BLUME predicts your destiny for JAN 9-15


Capricorn DEC 23 – JAN 20

You’re bubbling over with clever ideas! Whether it’s livening up drab rooms or finding solutions to health or work-related problems, old situations will be seen from new angles. If you’re feeling entreprene­urial, consider online buying or selling.

STAR TIP With Mars boosting your resolve, it’s time to take up a healthy new habit.

IMELDA STAUNTON The Crown star turns 67 on January 9. Ever the Capricorn, Imelda is hard at work on several films.

Aquarius JAN 21 – FEB 19

Celebratio­ns may be in order, so whether it’s a special event, a loved one’s news or an unexpected win, get that bubbly on ice. These passionate stars should liven up long-term relationsh­ips, while for singles, a potential love interest may make a move.

STAR TIP If a local club or community group has caught your eye, take a closer look.

Pisces FEB 20 – MAR 20

If you’re feeling flat, throw in some zest. A revamp should lift everyone’s spirits, so as the spotlight swings onto your home, try switching rooms around. As cosmic creativity takes hold, you may also find yourself visualisin­g the future. Follow those dreams!

STAR TIP Harness the practical midweek moon to sort through stray paperwork.

Aries MAR 21 – APR 20

Your enthusiasm should prove contagious this month, so find something that gets you excited and dive in. Whether it’s group fitness or work-related projects, your input could make a real difference. For lovers, Saturday’s romantic stars might work a treat.

STAR TIP Some new exercise or sporting equipment might get a good workout.

Taurus APR 21 – MAY 21

As the planets align, exciting plans could crystalise. For some, an overdue payment might turn up or things could swing in your favour at work. Under this weekend’s social sky, catch up with long-lost friends or plan an indulgent night of romance.

STAR TIP If the festive season has taken a toll, why not start a food or fitness diary?

Gemini MAY 22 – JUN 21

New year, new you! Strategies formulated under these proactive stars could lead to bigger and better things, so start making plans. With Mars boosting your energy levels, fitness kicks should fly, while on the social front, a fated friend – or lover! – could appear.

STAR TIP A chat with an older relative could prove surprising­ly illuminati­ng.

Cancer JUN 22 – JUL 23

Life’s about to rev up, so recharge those batteries while you can. Kick back at home, read a book or catch a romantic movie. Some couples may find themselves navigating turbulent waters, but decisions made in January should ultimately benefit all.

STAR TIP Create a space that’s just for you, then fill it with cushions and magazines.

Leo JUL 24 – AUG 23

It’s the new, improved you! Yes, it’s time to tackle a bad habit or alter your daily routines – you’ll not only feel happier and healthier, but more relaxed, too. If those travel dreams have been intensifyi­ng, why not set up a special savings account?

STAR TIP Team efforts should bring out your best, so join forces with a few friends.

Virgo AUG 24 – SEP 23

As Madonna would say, express yourself! Whether it’s craft projects, creative cooking or home decorating sprees, let your creativity flow. For artistic types, inspiratio­n could strike when it’s least expected, even while you’re sleeping, so keep a journal handy.

STAR TIP For some, a cuddly new pet – or baby! – might tug at your heartstrin­gs.

Libra SEP 24 – OCT 23

This week brings energy to burn, so channel it wisely. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure or a cleaning spree, working up a sweat should feel surprising­ly therapeuti­c. Fitness kicks might also be fun, especially if music or water’s involved. STAR TIP Do you believe in fate? For singles, a “coincidenc­e” might be anything but!

Scorpio OCT 24 – NOV 22

Itching for change? For many Scorpions, horizons are expanding and options are opening up – you might even step into a new position at work. If that gardening bug is biting, why not look into growing vegies or get involved with a community garden?

STAR TIP Treat yourself to a gourmet meal or catch some live music.

Sagittariu­s NOV 23 – DEC 22

Whether it’s a business brainwave or an upcoming project, a sense of anticipati­on is building. As Venus and Mars form a lucky link, couples may find themselves reconnecti­ng, while for those playing the dating game, things could move quickly. STAR TIP As your emotional outlook improves, so might an annoying health problem.

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 ?? ?? For more on astrology, feng shui and space clearing, visit jennyblume. com.au
For more on astrology, feng shui and space clearing, visit jennyblume. com.au

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