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Lisa Marie’s love-life was anything but happy ever after, with four heartbreak­ing divorces and a vicious custody battle.

It was her relationsh­ips that would dominate the headlines, beginning with her first marriage to musician Danny Keough, the man she met in rehab as a teenager and who would end up being by her side in her final days.

The couple wed in 1988 and welcomed daughter Riley almost eight months later. Son Ben was born in 1992 but the two would divorce two years later, remaining friends for the rest of her life. In 2003, Lisa Marie called him her “absolute best friend in the world”.

In a move that would make headlines all over the world, 20 days after her divorce, Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson in a secret 15-minute ceremony in the Dominican Republic in 1994. The marriage would end in divorce two years later, with Lisa Marie declaring it “the biggest mistake of her life”, despite insisting it was a genuine love match.

Sadly, Lisa Marie didn’t learn from that experience and would go on to have a fourmonth marriage to Oscar winner Nicolas Cage six years later. She famously threw her $65,000 engagement ring into the ocean after one fight, declaring it “the biggest mistake of her life”.

Lisa Marie would endure more heartbreak after her fourth marriage to rocker Michael Lockwood, the father of her twin girls, ended in a brutal custody battle in 2016. Lisa Marie claimed to have found child porn on Michael’s laptop but a police investigat­ion found no criminal activity.

“You can’t imagine what she’s been through,” adds a friend. “She fought hard and at great cost.”

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