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I have a spirit around me who has been with me for seven years. They have popped in from time to time over the years. I am OK with this. Recently, I have noticed they are around a lot more often. Is there something that I can do to help them or is there a reason why this spirit has chosen me? Raylene MITCHELL SAYS I’m picking up that the “spirit” you have been sensing around you is actually your guardian angel. I’m told they have always been with you since birth, but you felt their presence much stronger seven years ago when you were going through some sudden changes in your life.

I feel the reason you have noticed your guardian angel a lot more recently is because they are wanting to give you reassuranc­e that you are on the right path with some decisions you’ve been making. Ask your guardian angel for help with anything you are worried about.

My mum passed away earlier this year, and my sister and I would like to know that she is OK and with our dad. Please tell them we love them dearly and miss them terribly. Helen

MITCHELL SAYS Your beautiful mum has reunited with your dad. She tells me he was the true love of her life, and he was there waiting for her when she passed. Your mum has a smile on her face and says your dad reached out his hand for hers and then embraced her. Your dad says he is very proud of you and your sister, and he really likes the framed photo of him with your mum. Please keep an eye out for butterflie­s – they are a special sign they will send to you. Your mum and dad know how much you love and miss them, and they send their love to you both.


Need help rememberin­g your dreams? Try placing a fresh sprig of rosemary – the herb of remembranc­e – under your pillow. Remember to pay attention to recurring dreams.

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