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The day before my birthday, I took this photo of my dog chasing seagulls. I didn’t notice the face in the clouds at the time. My mother passed away in 2019. Please tell her we all miss her and love her. Is she happy and out of discomfort now? Angela MITCHELL SAYS Your beautiful mother is coming through from Spirit with so much love for you all – but especially for your father. She tells me he’s her soulmate and thanks you for the roses. Your mum is sitting in a beautiful garden of flowers and tells me she’s happy and at peace – all her discomfort has completely gone now. Your mum knows how much you love and miss her and hears you talking to her often. She says the face in the clouds is a special sign. It was a heavenly gift of love from her to you for your birthday. She is watching over you, and will always be your angel in the sky. Q My son has had a hard life but he never complains. Can you see him getting the happiness he deserves? Will his friend join him from overseas? Will I get my life back? Sandy

MITCHELL SAYS I feel your son is a very compassion­ate and caring man who wears his heart on his sleeve. As I tune into your question, I’m told that the hardships and setbacks he has gone through in the past are the reason why he sometimes doubts

himself. I feel if he can focus on building his self-confidence a little more, he will find it much easier to move forward again in his life. I’m told the upcoming months of March and June are turning points for new beginnings that will bring him a great deal of happiness. Your son has a strong connection with his friend from overseas and their plans will become much clearer later on. This year, please make a conscious effort to put yourself first – you also deserve happiness in your own life, too.

 ?? ?? That face in the clouds is a sure sign from above.
That face in the clouds is a sure sign from above.
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