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AMANDA SAYS Billy was homeless for a little while. He saw Laura walking her dog and decided to follow her home. The dog that Laura was walking at the time was called Bingo and he also comes through. He was never a fan of Billy and even though Billy loved him, he did not love Billy. Laura’s dad comes through with a horse that he loved a very long time ago and some little budgies, which belonged to Laura. Laura’s mum comes through, too. Billy tells Laura that she gave him the most wonderful life and he was indeed about 12 months old like the vet said when he followed her home. Billy also knew Laura had rung his previous owners, as he had a collar with the number on it, and knew they did not want him. This is why he left in the first place, as he was very unhappy. Billy tells me he passed at about 17 years old from cancer. Billy brings through a cat who passed over a very long time ago and two chihuahuas, who he knew Laura would love to hear from and he saw around often.

LAURA SAYS As I missed Billy so much, I contacted Amanda in the hope of getting some comfort. I was amazed that she knew so much about Billy and other pets I’ve had. I was also amazed with her contact with my father, who has been gone for 60 years, and the fact he had a horse that he adored. I was very happy to know my father and mother had Billy and the other animals with them.

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