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Get your head in the healthy eating game and your body will likely follow suit


Many of us have been under the impression that achieving our health goals primarily comes down to the food we eat and the exercise we do. But experts now increasing­ly believe that if we start with a “mind first” approach, we’re far more likely to achieve long-term good health. “We start with the mind because if we are thinking clearer, we’re more prone to making better choices in life,” explains Lexi Crouch, Endeavour College nutritioni­st and mental health instructor. “The journey of mind dieting gets you feeling really empowered in yourself and your choices.”

Here’s how you can tune in to your thoughts through “mind dieting” to reap some serious health benefits.


When you next pull on your sneakers, do it for your brain, not your body. “If you go outside for a 20-minute walk, you will get clarity and a raise in [brain chemicals] serotonin and dopamine, which are responsibl­e for reward pathways,” Lexi says. “Switch the mentality of exercise being about weight loss – when you exercise, you are happier and have more energy. Those are the real benefits.”

Lexi particular­ly recommends yoga for helping us learn to better connect with our minds. “Yoga is a great place to get clarity,” Lexi says.

“It can take a while, but eventually you start to develop that mind-body connection. You start to tune in to whether you are eating because you are genuinely hungry or because of a response to stress.”


Unfollow people and brands who promote restrictiv­e eating regimens, such as “What I eat in a day” Tiktok and Instagram trends. “Your social media feed can really impact your relationsh­ips with your food choices and idea about weight, so check what you’re exposed to in regards to diets, ideal bikini bodies and health measures,” Lexi suggests. “Recalibrat­ing your Facebook and

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 ?? ?? Try to change your mentality around exercise.
Try to change your mentality around exercise.

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