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No party like... A BLOCK HENS PARTY!

Bride-to-be Jenny had a blast ahead of her big wedding day


Jenny Heath declared it “the best weekend of my life” as The Block star celebrated her upcoming wedding to fiance Dylan Adams with a hens extravagan­za on the Gold Coast.

“I have the most amazing girls around me,” gushed the 25-year-old, who enjoyed a cruise followed by a bash at the Pink Flamingo club during the pink-themed festivitie­s. “We had the absolute best time ever,” says Jenny’s The Block co-star Rachel Carr, who made the trip from Sydney. “Jenny’s friends are amazing and so much fun. We literally laughed for 48 hours straight.”

In fact, Rachel says the partygoers had a little too much fun! “I was transporte­d back to my 20s for a hot minute,” jokes the 36-year-old reality star. “And then straight back to my late 30s and in bed by 9pm both nights.”

Fellow Blockhead Sarah-jane Wilson nearly didn’t make the big day, thanks to a cancelled flight from Melbourne, but arrived just in time to set sail.

“I’ll have about 30 minutes to get dressed and glam but I’m on route to make the boat,” she shared with fans on social media.

Once onboard, the 30-yearold gushed it was “so good to be reunited” with her fellow Block stars.

The trio will be together again at Jenny and Dylan’s wedding next month and it seems their absent co-star Sharon Johal has also scored an invite to the couple’s big day. “Can’t wait for the big one with daddy Dyls,” Sharon – who infamously clashed with her castmates – wrote on social media while sending the bride-to-be a shout-out.

The two-day wedding will mark the first time all the Block couples have been reunited since the shock finale in November, which saw Jenny and Dylan leave empty-handed after their home was passed in at auction. But the couple finally had good news last week after the Gisborne South, Victoria, property sold for an undisclose­d sum.

Rachel insists she, Sarah-jane and Jenny have remained close.

“The best thing to come out of The Block was the relationsh­ips we formed,” she says.

“These girls are family and I’m so grateful the show brought us together.”

 ?? ?? “What a wild weekend for our girl,” one of Jenny’s friends wrote on Instagram.
“What a wild weekend for our girl,” one of Jenny’s friends wrote on Instagram.

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