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Australia’s most gifted medium MITCHELL COOMBES is here to help!


Q I’m wondering if you can see where my husband’s wedding ring would be? It disappeare­d at Christmas two years ago. Also, I would love to know if my mum, dad and friend Robin are doing OK since they passed. Kerrie

MITCHELL SAYS I have a small crowd of people beginning to gather from Spirit. Your mum and dad are coming through together, and Robin is also waving hello. They are all lovely people. Your mum is smiling and tells me your dad has taken her dancing again. Your dad tells me your husband accidental­ly lost his wedding ring when he was outside. Unfortunat­ely, I feel the chances of it turning up again now are slim, but your mum suggests you focus search efforts around outdoor areas such as the garden and potted plants. Your mum and dad are happy and sending love to you.

Q I’m feeling a little lost lately, wondering if I will find my life partner and also if my three boys will be happy and fulfilled? Grateful Gemini

MITCHELL SAYS I feel you have shades of the colour green in your aura with hints of lemon yellow. This tells me you’ve had your fair share of obstacles to overcome in the recent past, but you’re about to turn a corner. There’s a bright new beginning right over you this year that will see you feeling much more reassured and settled in your life. I’m picking up you have a lot of love to give to someone special and feel you will meet a wonderful companion down the track. I’m told you often worry about your boys – especially the middle one – but they all have wonderful paths and personal success ahead of them.


Never wear an empty locket over your heart – doing so can bring about feelings of emptiness and dissatisfa­ction in your life. Always ensure a locket contains a special memory, such as a photo or treasured item.

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