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The pair’s wild partying days are done, thanks to Mrs Clooney


Fans hoping for a friendly reunion between George Clooney and Brad Pitt were disappoint­ed recently, despite the pair filming their new thriller Wolves in New York together.

Looking tense on set, sources confirm the longtime friends “are not as close as they used to be”, with an onlooker revealing “there were no jokes, no pranks, no camaraderi­e. If anything, they were barely civil to each other.” Friends say it’s likely that rumours of George, 61, getting cold feet about doing this long-awaited movie with Brad, 59, have reached him.

Meanwhile, George’s wife Amal, 45, is said to be keeping a close eye on him and Brad, who, sources say, “used to raise hell together” when they worked on Ocean’s Eleven. In a telling move, the successful lawyer made a surprise appearance on the set last week, where she is said to have “laid down the law”.

“Amal has every right to be worried about her husband reigniting his bromance with Brad,” maintains an insider.

“The fears that Brad’s losing his shine after his divorce from Angelina Jolie are real, and no one wants any part of the drama surroundin­g him right now. When

George signed on for this movie in August 2021, Brad was hot, hot, hot.” These days, it’s a different story for Brad, whose new film Babylon has been panned by critics and labelled a box-office flop.

It comes after singer Courtney Love accused Brad of removing her from the 1999 film Fight Club when she refused to give him the rights to make a movie about her late husband Kurt Cobain. Courtney, 58, revealed she told Brad, “I don’t know if I trust you.”

Friends say Amal has every right to want George home for dinner with their five-yearold twins Alexander and Ella every night and to avoid any socialisin­g with Brad. “She’s laying down the law only out of protective­ness of George,” says the insider.

‘They are not as close... there was no camaraderi­e’

In an unpreceden­ted move, the Married At First Sight experts decided to relieve emotionall­y distraught Josh White of his tumultuous relationsh­ip with Melissa Sheppard, who some viewers and the experts felt shamed him on the commitment ceremony couch.

However, shock new reports have emerged suggesting that Josh, 40, might not have been heartbroke­n for long, with the handsome father-of-two reportedly finding comfort in the arms of another MAFS bride, Lyndall!

According to widespread reports, following his split from Melissa, Josh planted a “pash” on Lyndall after a wrap party for the show last year. Lyndall is rumoured to have split from Cameron before the finale. Now, insiders have also spilled that Josh booked a ticket to Perth to visit Lyndall at the end of filming.

“Things started when he told her he really liked her and felt like kissing her, and she said, “Well, go on then,” a source recently divulged to the Daily Mail. While it’s unclear what will come of Josh and Lyndall, last week Melissa did not hold back with her thoughts on her marriage to Josh, insisting she had “no idea” her husband was so upset by their relationsh­ip.

Melissa told radio show Kyle & Jackie O she felt “100 per cent blindsided” by the “edit” of her and Josh on screen.

The hairdresse­r maintained that while she and her groom were together, she didn’t see any signs that he was struggling or upset over the relationsh­ip.

When host Kyle Sandilands went on to suggest that Josh had perhaps kept his tears for the camera, Melissa immediatel­y agreed. They’re bold claims from Melissa, who, despite Josh’s wishes, repeatedly brought up their intimacy on camera amid his clear discomfort.

“I was very compassion­ate and very caring but I couldn’t say anything. I just sat there. I was shocked,” she said about his emotional reaction on the couch.

Meanwhile, opening up to Woman’s Day, Josh sheds light on what he was really looking for in the experiment and how it all went wrong with his bride.

“I think the biggest turn-on is when you have mutual interests that are surprising to both of you. [For instance] I really enjoy The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and

‘Things started when Josh told Lyndall he really liked her’

Vanderpump Rules,” he confesses of his TV habits, admitting he has even eaten at former housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s Los Angeles restaurant Sur twice!

Josh says he came to discover certain deal-breakers following his time in TV’S biggest social experiment.

“I have come to realise I can’t be with someone who is unable to explore the varying types of intimacy beyond the physical. [I require] emotional, mental or intellectu­al and the spiritual [to form] a deeper connection.”

Looking back, Josh says he still wrestles with the pressure of the reality juggernaut.

“When you watch the show, it’s very easy to say that you would respond in certain ways but it’s not like that. There’s pressure from the cameras, your wife, what to say, what to do, how to act – am I being funny enough... So many things, everything, everywhere and all at once,” he muses.

 ?? ?? Brad seems to be out of favour in Tinseltown.
Brad seems to be out of favour in Tinseltown.
 ?? ?? After shooting their scenes, bystanders say the actors walked away from each other.
After shooting their scenes, bystanders say the actors walked away from each other.
 ?? ??
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Josh is said to have flown to Perth to visit Lyndall.
Josh is said to have flown to Perth to visit Lyndall.
 ?? ?? Melissa made big claims about Josh on radio.
Melissa made big claims about Josh on radio.
 ?? ??

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