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In shock new interviews, the couple have confessed to having huge issues


Lovebirds Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s relationsh­ip appears to be running more cold than hot after the pair made some questionab­le remarks about their relationsh­ip!

Now sources say any chance of walking down the aisle together has been put on ice. “Sometimes things are really, really, really, challengin­g,” Carnival Row star Orlando, 46, says of the pair, who have been engaged for four years but still haven’t exchanged vows.

He has even admitted their differing showbiz careers don’t help. “We’re in two very different pools. Her pool is not a pool that I necessaril­y understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessaril­y understand­s. We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity.”

Fans were shocked by the star’s candour. “Quite a scathing review of their relationsh­ip,” wrote one.

“Translatio­n – break-up dead ahead,” added another.

Katy, 38, has made similar negative comments about the pair’s romance, spilling that they’ve sought couple’s therapy for their issues. “The resentment can get really strong when you’re both working hard,” she admitted, adding that juggling parenting their two-year-old daughter Daisy with work and fame hasn’t been easy.

“When you want to come back to being normal in a domesticat­ed world where you have a child and stuff like that, you have to really learn how to be kind of different out there in the big and in the small.”


No doubt adding to the tension is Orlando’s admission that Katy is “stressed” about his latest gig, upcoming docoadvent­ure series Orlando Bloom,

On The Edge, which will show the star engaging in extreme outdoor activities including freediving and parachutin­g.

Meanwhile, the popstar has plenty on her plate with American Idol and her Las Vegas residency show Katy Perry: Play.

Of course, Katy and Orlando have split before, separating in 2017 after a year together before reconcilin­g in 2018.

 ?? ?? These two are worlds apart...
These two are worlds apart...

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