Woman’s Day (Australia)


JENNY BLUME predicts your destiny for FEB 27– MAR 5


Pisces FEB 20 – MAR 20

As planets burst into your central arena, you’ll not only feel more confident and energetic, but also more like your old, social self. And with Mars boosting your bravado, you could find yourself taking a stand or announcing a big decision. Go girl!

STAR TIP A beautiful gift or small windfall might take you completely by surprise!


We hope the actress, who turns 40 on March 1, has something special planned for her milestone birthday!

Aries MAR 21 – APR 20

Destiny is calling! An amazing coincidenc­e could attract a special person back into your life, or a humdrum meeting might turn into a pivotal event. You’re on the brink of a brand new phase, but first, slow the pace and do a little soul-searching.

STAR TIP Clear your head by immersing yourself in music, art or natural settings.

Taurus APR 21 – MAY 21

Feeling fired up? These stars are made for action so as they say, just do it! Fitness kicks, fundraisin­g projects, backyard blitzes – if it gets your heart pumping, it’s good. If you manage to talk a friend or loved one into joining you, even better.

STAR TIP Friday’s sentimenta­l stars could send you on a trip down memory lane.

Gemini MAY 22 – JUN 21

Get ready to thank your lucky stars. A breakthrou­gh could reignite your enthusiasm, while on the social scene, a feelgood event may remind you of what’s important. As emotions flow, you could see things (or someone special) in a whole new light.

STAR TIP Did you know that butterflie­s hold a special affinity to your sign?

Cancer JUN 22 – JUL 23

Searching for something more? Changes made through autumn could bring more harmony and peace into your life, so reach for those dreams. Your partner may be resistant, or the family sceptical, but ultimately your happiness will reflect back onto them.

STAR TIP If a seminar or study course has caught your eye, take a closer look.

Leo JUL 24 – AUG 23

Enough playing it safe – you’re the queen of the jungle. A friend’s urging could see you trying something completely different or a project might tap into hidden talents. By Easter, that adventurou­s streak will be rearing for action, so start making plans.

STAR TIP Sunday’s extroverte­d stars should bring a welcome confidence boost.

Virgo AUG 24 – SEP 23

Sentimenta­l streak flaring? Indulge it! Revisit a place (or person!) you used to love, throw a Tupperware Party or invite friends over for a games night. With Mercury activating that chatty streak, your natural networking skills might amaze everyone.

STAR TIP Your nose for a perfect pairing might reveal hidden matchmakin­g talents.

Libra SEP 24 – OCT 23

Jupiter is pushing you out of your comfort zone! At work, new systems (or even a whole new job) may feel unsettling, but as your people skills power up, you’ll handle things with aplomb. If a medical matter has been playing up, book an appointmen­t. STAR TIP For couples, an autumn getaway might rekindle feelings of old.

Scorpio OCT 24 – NOV 22

Get ready for happy surprises! An unexpected treat or offer is heading your way, and as Mars fires up your finances, extra cash could appear from out of the blue. Concerts and sporting events should set the scene for fun this month, particular­ly for singles.

STAR TIP Plant flowers or vegies under Friday’s fertile Cancer moon.

Sagittariu­s NOV 23 – DEC 22

Ready for a pick-me-up? Jupiter is giving your social life – and your creative juices! – a nice little boost. A series of celebratio­ns and milestone events should see you kicking up your heels, while at home, a decorating spree could lift the mood dramatical­ly.

STAR TIP Feeling clucky? Take care when passing pet shop windows this month!

Capricorn DEC 23 – JAN 20

As the sages say, use it or lose it. Mastering new skills and concepts should be a breeze this month, and as a bonus, you could save time and money. With Venus enhancing your eye for colour and design, a room revamp might whet your appetite for more. STAR TIP If your computer skills need brushing up, sign up for a short course!

Aquarius JAN 21 – FEB 19

You may meet with resistance initially, but stand firm and push your ideas forward. A budding interest or hobby could draw some inspiring people into your world, and friendship­s formed now might last a lifetime. Take a step out of that comfort zone!

STAR TIP Sunday’s upbeat stars look like fun, so plan a day out or catch a concert.

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