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Can he keep up with the ‘Jen Commandmen­ts’? Time will tell…


You’d think being married to a woman once hailed the “world’s sexiest” would be reason enough for Ben Affleck to crack a smile. But sources say there’s plenty of soulsearch­ing needed between Ben and

Jennifer Lopez, who made headlines for their frosty display at the Grammys.

“You might imagine that being married to J.LO would mean you’re skipping down the street – but that’s not Ben Affleck,” a source who has known the popstar for more than 20 years confided.

“He’s what you call a complicate­d person. He’s always, and I mean always, miserable. And yet she adores him!”

‘He’s a complicate­d person… I mean he’s always miserable’

Indeed, Ben’s seemingly constant apathetic look has raised eyebrows all over Tinseltown, with many wondering what exactly goes on behind closed doors.

Friends admit Ben is forced to adhere to “Jen’s Commandmen­ts” at home and hint that things will likely only get worse when they finally finish hunting for their perfect multimilli­on-dollar mansion.

A famous fan of junk food, the actor, 50, recently starred in a Super Bowl ad for Dunkin’ Donuts, which, despite Jen’s good-natured cameo, has those close to the pair revealing it has quietly grown into an issue for fitness-obsessed Jen, 53, who wants Ben, a recovering alcoholic, to focus more on his health.

According to her former personal trainer, sweetcorn and carrots are banned for being too “sugary”. “Once in a while”, she’ll eat a piece of fried chicken, a single potato chip or a biscuit. It’s a direct contrast to Ben, who was recently snapped shoving fries in his mouth.

“Fun police” Jen, as her critics have branded her, reportedly also gravely dislikes Ben’s tattoos and wants him to get a giant phoenix lasered off his back! More cynical sources have revealed that J.LO might have been on her best behaviour ahead of their wedding in 2022.

“Marital bliss? More like marital mayhem,” quips a source, who says the pair are just very different people and will have to fight to keep their spark alive.

“She’s been known to yell at him,” dishes another source, who says friends desperatel­y hope they make it.

After scoring a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, sitcom legend Courteney Cox began her acceptance speech by praising her former Friends co-stars – Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. “I want to start by thanking my beautiful friends – I love you all so much and it’s so nice that you came out and showed up for me in public, the way you do so often in private,” said the 58-year-old.

However, the sweet acknowledg­ement only made

the absence of the trio’s other co-stars – Matt Leblanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry – glaringly obvious.

And a Hollywood insider confirms there’s a reason the rest of the cast didn’t turn out to support the Scream star.

“Things have been weird between them all since Matthew [Perry]’s bio came out – none of them are particular­ly happy about the way they were presented,” a source tells Woman’s Day of the controvers­ial memoir that was released in November.

“Especially Jen, who wasn’t a fan of how he wrote about his crush on her. She felt uncomforta­ble – like he simply added it in there because he knew it would help sales when it wasn’t a particular­ly poignant moment of either of their lives.”


The source reveals it was Courteney who was keen to avoid any drama at her star ceremony. “She would have loved to have the boys there, but she’s all too aware that Jen feels funny around Matthew these days, so she didn’t want to put her in an awkward position by inviting him,” says the insider.

And while David, 56, lives in New York and made it known he was most likely unable to make it to LA, the source says it was a surprise to everyone that Matt, 55, didn’t join in.

“He usually loves these sorts of events and took a lot of pride in presenting a Hollywood star to [his Man With A Plan co-star] Stacy Keach a couple of years ago,” admits the insider. “So, for whatever reason, the decision was made to keep it just the girls, given they’re the ones who are the closest anyway.”

‘Courteney would have loved to have the boys there’


According to the showbiz spy, there’s always been a divide between Courteney, Jen, 54, and Lisa, 59, and the boys.

“After Friends, the guys scattered but the girls made sure they remained in touch,” says the source, adding, “They’ve always vowed to look out for each other.”

“Courteney, Jen and Lisa are genuinely close and see each other often, so it was nice for them to get together and honour Courteney – it’s just a shame for the fans that the whole crew couldn’t reunite.”

 ?? ?? Those around Ben are worried he’ll succumb to Jen’s rules.
Those around Ben are worried he’ll succumb to Jen’s rules.
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 ?? ??
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 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Matt, David and Matthew were no-shows.
Matt, David and Matthew were no-shows.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Doting godmother Jen cuddled up to Courteney’s daughter Coco, 18.
Doting godmother Jen cuddled up to Courteney’s daughter Coco, 18.
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