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Q At 50, I have not had any luck with men to date but would like a companion in my life and to travel. What’s in store for the next 12 months? Hays MITCHELL SAYS An older lady in Spirit from your mother’s side tells me you have a generous heart and wonderful personalit­y. I feel you’ll have an opportunit­y to travel and be more social over the coming year. I can see you meeting new people and being introduced to a lovely man when you least expect it. I’m picking up that he works with his hands, and the initials “M” or “N” are connected to his name or important to him in some way. When he comes into your life, what starts out as a friendship will blossom into something more. I feel you’ll bring out the best in each other and create many happy memories together.

Q I lost my fiance in March. He was involved in a bad car accident while he was on the way to the airport to come home to marry me. I miss him and want to know if he is OK. We’d both had bad marriages and thought we’d finally found our soulmate. Can you ask him what signs to look out for, so I know he is with me. May

MITCHELL SAYS Oh May, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful fiance Chris is coming through and holding a red rose in his hand. He tells me it’s for you and that he loves you. Your fiance says the accident happened so fast that he did not feel pain. He is OK and has found peace on the other side. Your fiance really likes the photo you have displayed of him, and he says he has been making a light dim or flicker in your home to let you know he is watching over you. Please keep a lookout for birds and feathers – he will send them to you as a sign of love. He tells me you have happier days ahead.

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KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MITCHELL ONLINE! Visit mitchell coombes.com
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