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Life’s Life’s better at THE CAPE

From salty marshes to intriguing history, you’ll be happy as a clam on Cape Cod

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The second you set foot on the Cape, you’re filled with an overwhelmi­ng sense that you’ve been there before – because most people have, in their minds.

Thanks to countless movies, books and postcardpe­rfect images, Cape Cod, Massachuse­tts feels like a homecoming of sorts, even if you’ve never dipped a toe in its crystallin­e sand. While it might feel familiar, spend a few moments here in the sunshine and you’ll realise it’s so much more than you expected.


It’s recommende­d that visitors spend between three days and a week sampling all facets of this uniquely American holiday destinatio­n, which is either a short drive or picturesqu­e ferry ride from New England’s biggest city, Boston.

The northern hemisphere’s autumn is the best time to go, once the summer crowds have dispersed and the sunny days become cool and crisp.

It’s an ideal time to put on your walking shoes and head out for a stroll along the Cape Cod National Seashore, where serene inlets and the iconic Nauset lighthouse are a prelude to the thundering surf of Coast Guard Beach (just be mindful of jumping in the water – let’s just say there’s a reason Jaws was filmed on nearby Martha’s Vineyard!)

For a distinctly Cape Cod morning, take a leisurely drive along scenic route 6A from Barnstable Village, where you’ll see tidy colonial houses before catching glimpses of picturesqu­e bays.

Stop for a wander along the boardwalk at Grey’s beach, where you’ll get a gull’s eye view of the teeming wildlife within its marshes and rock pools, and keep an eye out for seals lazing in the sun.


You can’t visit the Cape without learning more about the Kennedy family, whose most famous members were US President John F Kennedy, who was assassinat­ed in 1963, and his wife Jackie.

A monument to one of America’s most beloved commanders-in-chief stands guard over the glittering Hyannis Harbor, just a few blocks from the compound he called home.

Head back into the picturesqu­e main street of Hyannis, where you’ll find the JFK Museum, which details the president’s life on the Cape thanks to possession­s, photograph­s and interviews donated by his family in honour of his legacy and a life cut short.

After absorbing this fascinatin­g history, you’ll need to absorb some sugar to re-energise for the rest of your travels. Nip down to Kandy Korner, a family-run beacon of all things sweet, where you can pick up hand-made chocolates and housemade saltwater taffy in a dizzying array of flavours.

For culture buffs, you can’t go past the Cape Cod Museum of Art, which hosts an incredible selection of local talent, then stop in for lunch at Scargo restaurant.


With 64 kilometres of coastline to explore, you’ll need a central place to rest up. The Anchor In hotel (anchorin.com) is centrally located and adorably appointed, thanks to its uber comfy beds, balconies with a view and heated pool overlookin­g the marina.

The friendly staff ensure guests feel at home by raising their country’s flag on a mast that towers over the property – and there’s nothing quite like seeing the Aussie Southern Cross fluttering against a stunning sunset on the opposite side of the world.

The hotel is a short walk from some of the best restaurant­s on the cape, including The Naked Oyster, which sources its aforementi­oned star dish from the nearby Barnstable Harbor and shucks them fresh for your plate. If it’s carbs you’re after, Alberto’s Ristorante has you covered. Wash down their epic frutti di mare pasta option with an expertly made dirty martini.

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 ?? ?? Read up on the fascinatin­g history of the Kennedys.
Read up on the fascinatin­g history of the Kennedys.
 ?? ?? The Anchor In will make you feel at home.
The Anchor In will make you feel at home.
 ?? ?? The seafood at Cape Cod will not disappoint!
The seafood at Cape Cod will not disappoint!

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