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It turns out it’s not always a case of better the devil you know...


With a relationsh­ip history that’s had more ups and downs than a rom-com, recently single Kylie Minogue thought she had seen it all.

That was, until she found out her close friend and fellow Aussie pop princess Delta Goodrem has been getting to know her ex-fiance Joshua Sasse. Last week, 38-year-old Delta – who is thought to be close with Kylie – revealed she’s been secretly working on a film called Love Is In The Air with Josh, 35, in Queensland’s tropical Whitsunday­s.

“So excited to share... I’ve been living on a MOVIE set!” Delta announced, describing Josh, who’s understood to be playing her character’s love interest, as “incredible”.

Kylie and British-born Josh – who moved to Byron Bay last year with his wife Louisa Ainsworth and their two kids – split in 2017, amid widespread but unconfirme­d rumours he was cheating on her.

It seems their shared history is still painful for Josh, who was spotted looking “visibly uncomforta­ble” at the Melbourne Cup last year when Kylie’s hit song Spinning Around was played.

“All colour drained from his face, and while Louisa was trying to divert attention and dance with him, he pulled away and left the dancefloor in a huff,” an onlooker told Woman’s Day at the time.

Given there’s still clearly bad blood between Josh and Kylie, 54, friends say Delta befriendin­g the actor on set will feel like “a real betrayal”.

“Delta and Kylie have become close enough over the years that Delta will surely be aware of how particular­ly painful her break-up with Josh was,” says a source. “So to have her gloating about what a legend he is on her Instagram, and worse, sharing romantic scenes with him that will no doubt cause a buzz when the film comes out, will definitely sting Kylie.”

Indeed, things have been rocky for Kylie recently, after reportedly calling time on her five-year relationsh­ip with British magazine executive Paul Solomons in February. Thankfully, friends insist she wasn’t “heartbroke­n”.

 ?? ?? Delta was snapped on set with Joshua.
Kylie and Josh’s split was painful for the singer.
Delta was snapped on set with Joshua. Kylie and Josh’s split was painful for the singer.

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