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Make like Poc­a­hon­tas and ex­plore those river bends. Get­ting out on the wa­ter in a kayak or surf ski is a great way to re­lax while re­gain­ing fo­cus, says Marie-louise Kel­lett, co-founder of ad­ven­ture travel agency Grav­ity Ad­ven­tures. But do it right: the power should come from en­gag­ing your core. If you’re feel­ing too sore in your bi­ceps and shoul­ders, they’re tak­ing too much strain. Risk­ing the rapids? That’ll fire up your quads: “You’ll be brac­ing with your legs and us­ing your hips and torso to shift the boat in the wa­ter,” ac­cord­ing to Kel­lett.

YOUR MOVE: Get the tech­nique right for a killer core work­out, guar­an­teed!

1. Put one foot against the side of the boat. Twist your body in the op­po­site di­rec­tion of the pad­dle, keep­ing the pad­dle un­der­wa­ter. 2. Drive the pad­dle down and back, then drive through to bring it back to the start.

Use your abs to bring the pad­dle back and sweep it to the other side 2 PRAC­TISE ON LAND: First, set the re­sis­tance on a row­ing ma­chine to high. As you row, twist the han­dle to one side then the other, al­ways keep­ing the top arm straight.

Up­per arm above your head Lower arm fully ex­tended Drop shoul­der slightly Move hips for­ward to lean in and cre­ate a deep scoop of wa­ter 1

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