Gut happy

Seven ways to keep your gut happy and your skin glow­ing

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1 Eat a wide range of food Es­pe­cially veg­eta­bles, fruits, seeds, legumes and fi­bre-rich car­bo­hy­drates to stim­u­late dif­fer­ent strains of good bac­te­ria.

2 Get into fer­mented Yo­ghurt, sauer­kraut and ke­fir con­tain good bac­te­ria lac­to­bacilli, which help re­duce the risk of dis­ease.

3 Limit sweet­en­ers Re­search shows ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers in­crease blood sugar by stim­u­lat­ing the growth of un­healthy bac­te­ria in the gut.

4 Take a sup­ple­ment Par­tic­u­larly when your skin is look­ing blah, a pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ment en­sures you’re giv­ing your gut a healthy dose of live bac­te­ria.

5 Stock your plate with prebiotics Think ar­ti­chokes, ba­nanas, as­para­gus, oats and ap­ples.

6 Em­brace whole­grains With loads of fi­bre and beta-glu­can, whole­grains will en­cour­age good bac­te­ria to flour­ish.

7 Fo­cus on polyphe­nols Plant com­pounds found in red wine, green tea, dark choco­late and olive oil, polyphe­nols help boost healthy bac­te­rial growth.

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