HIIT the rower

Use this un­der­rated ma­chine to send your strength and fit­ness through the roof

Women's Health Australia - - APRIL 2018 -

Ain’t noth­ing hum­ble about the row­ing ma­chine. Hello full-body plan of at­tack

We feel sorry for the hum­ble row­ing ma­chine, sit­ting in the gym gath­er­ing dust be­cause no­body knows how to use it right. You know how to row, sure – but it can of­fer so much more, ac­cord­ing to PT Fi­ras Iskan­darani. “It re­ally is such an un­der­rated ma­chine,” he says. “Use it to do body­weight ex­er­cises – the in­sta­bil­ity of a slid­ing sur­face will help boost your core ac­ti­va­tion.” Try th­ese four ge­nius moves for starters.

FYI: Do each move for 45 secs, fol­lowed by a 15-sec break. Re­peat the cir­cuit 4 times.

1. Bear crunch


(a) Set your­self up in a plank po­si­tion with your feet on the seat of the rower and your palms on the floor be­hind it. (b) Core ac­ti­vated? Bum clenched? Great. Pull your knees up to­wards your chest, and then push out to re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Avoid rais­ing your hips as you move and main­tain con­trol through­out the whole move­ment. Done!

2. Side split squat

TAR­GETS Glutes, quads, ad­duc­tors

(a) Stand be­hind your rower, left side-on. Keep­ing your right heel firmly on the floor, put your left foot on the seat.

(b) Straighten your left leg as you squat, al­low­ing the seat to slide away. Go as low as you can, en­sur­ing that your back re­mains flat, your right knee doesn’t over­shoot your toes and your right heel stays pressed into the floor. Now, grad­u­ally rise and re­peat. Feel the burn? You’re on the right track!

3. Push plank

TAR­GETS Abs, tri­ceps, an­te­rior del­toids

(a) Pop your feet on the seat and get into a plank again with your palms on the floor. Lift your right hand and re­place your palm with your el­bow. Then re­peat on the left side.

(b) Pause briefly, then re­verse the move­ment to re­turn to the start. Re­peat, this time lead­ing with your left hand. Eas­ier said than done. Think of this like an all-over body toner!

4. Row

TAR­GETS Full body

(a) Row as hard as you can, while still main­tain­ing cor­rect form. Start with a tall torso in the ‘catch’ po­si­tion, drive back with your legs, ex­tend your hips and pull back with your arms. Once you’ve fin­ished the pull, re­turn back into the start po­si­tion by dis­en­gag­ing in the op­po­site or­der. (b) On the fi­nal round, row for 1 min. Log your PB and try to beat it next time. Guar­an­teed to get your game on!

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