Sex ed for grown ups

We’ve never been bet­ter at ask­ing for what we want in the bed­room. But has our ed­u­ca­tion kept up with our new at­ti­tude?

Women's Health Australia - - APRIL 2018 - By He­len Fos­ter

Our li­bido is on the rise, and so are STIS

SSex­u­ally, we’ve come a long way. Women have never been more em­pow­ered, or more in­formed. But it turns out that our new-found sex­ual fab­u­lous­ness goes hand in hand with less fab­u­lous news – STIS are on the rise. Ch­lamy­dia is still the most com­mon, “but in the last few years gon­or­rhoea di­ag­noses in 25- to 39-yearold women have in­creased by about 90 per cent,” says Pro­fes­sor Re­becca Guy from the Kirby In­sti­tute, which com­piles an an­nual STI re­port in Oz. More fun trivia? Syphilis cases are also ris­ing. Yikes!

“Over­seas travel is a sus­pected con­trib­u­tor – peo­ple have sex in coun­tries where STIS are rife, con­doms break or slip off if some­one is a bit drunk, and then they bring in­fec­tions back with them,” says Pro­fes­sor Christo­pher Fair­ley, di­rec­tor of Mel­bourne Sex­ual Health Cen­tre.

And it’s not just in­fec­tions we need to think about – al­most one in five of us have ex­pe­ri­enced an unplanned preg­nancy, re­veals a sur­vey by Galaxy Re­search and MSD Aus­tralia (although it’s es­ti­mated that fig­ure may be closer to 50 per cent).

If all of this has put the willies up you

(pun in­tended), there’s good news: sex ed 2018-style of­fers new ideas, new in­ven­tions and less cringe fac­tor. Here’s the lowdown…

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