Sink your teeth into the new trend of holis­tic den­tistry

Women's Health Australia - - CON­TENTS - By Clare Bax­ter

Sink your teeth into holis­tic den­tistry

You’re tick­ing all the boxes when it comes to your teeth, right? Brush­ing twice a day, floss­ing like a pro, go­ing to your twice-yearly check-ups. And still, an Aus­tralian Health Pol­icy Col­lab­o­ra­tion study found that 90 per cent of Aussie adults have some form of tooth de­cay. Yes, that’s in 2018. Here’s the big prob­lem: our oral health doesn’t only af­fect our mouth. “Our teeth and gums are the best sig­nal for what our body needs in terms of nu­tri­ents and vi­ta­mins,” says Dr Steven Lin, func­tional den­tist and au­thor of The Den­tal Diet. “So if you have tooth de­cay, then there are hor­monal prob­lems, there are im­mune prob­lems, there are di­ges­tive prob­lems.” On the other hand, a healthy grin can mean bet­ter sleep, a boosted work­out and a lower risk of chronic dis­eases. It all starts with what you put in your gob. Time to get a smart mouth.

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