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This is def­i­nitely my dream life! I had all th­ese ideas long ago and I spent a lot of time work­ing out how I was go­ing to make it hap­pen. I could never have predicted that the mod­el­ling in­dus­try would open up the way that it has, in terms of body diver­sity and so­cial me­dia, but I knew what I liked do­ing so it all started from there. I think I have al­ways fol­lowed my heart – in work, fash­ion, clothes, peo­ple and ev­ery­thing I do! I go with what makes me feel good.

From the out­side, it might seem like a fluke, but it’s been hard work. As a new model, you’re flung around the world and have to adapt to liv­ing and work­ing in dif­fer­ent coun­tries re­ally fast. Plus, I was al­ways go­ing against the tide to a cer­tain ex­tent in terms of my size. I’ve had both ex­tremes: a mea­sur­ing tape has been waved in my face at din­ner, and then I was once told to go eat some burg­ers be­fore I could work. The mar­ket is so much more re­cep­tive now to all dif­fer­ent sizes, but in the be­gin­ning it wasn’t like that. I also credit the peo­ple be­hind my amaz­ing agen­cies for pi­o­neer­ing that change and be­liev­ing in me.

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