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As you ap­proach the bot­tom of your squat, your tail­bone tucks un­der, cre­at­ing a curve in your spine. Ex­perts have dubbed it “butt wink” (funny) – and over time, it can lead to a disc her­ni­a­tion (not-so funny).

The cause:

Tight hip flex­ors pre­vent your pelvis go­ing deeper, so your spine steps in to help tilt it back­wards. An­other com­mon cul­prit: suck­ing in rather than brac­ing your abs, which throws your back into a flexed po­si­tion.

The fix:

Stretch your hip flex­ors at least twice a day: Stand and hold one knee, then the other, into your chest for one minute. For ab­dom­i­nal sta­bil­ity, prac­tise brac­ing your abs through var­i­ous planks, like fore­arm or side plank.

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