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You put more weight on one side as you set­tle into your squat, so your body looks a bit off-bal­ance.

The cause:

You’ve probs suf­fered some type of ag­gra­va­tion or in­jury on the side you lean away from, whether re­cently (in this case, you’ll feel dis­com­fort) or in the past (which means you’ve likely de­vel­oped a mus­cu­lar im­bal­ance, where your health­ier side be­came stronger than the other to pick up the slack). Pain or not, you’ll want to fix im­bal­ances – your bet­ter side will only con­tinue to get stronger un­til it can no longer over­com­pen­sate, which could re­sult in in­jury.

The fix:

See a physio to fig­ure out what’s caus­ing you to favour one side. Af­ter di­ag­no­sis, your physio can help you treat it.

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