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Stuck in a work­out rut or just fail­ing to fol­low through? You can hit pause on the guilts right now. This plan is de­signed to de­liver a fit­ter, stronger you in four weeks. You’re wel­come

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Get strong, long and lean with the best to­tal body re­boot we’ve ever pub­lished

If you’re one of those myth­i­cal, eter­nally mo­ti­vated peo­ple, with their work­outs inked into the di­ary (be­cause, let’s face it, non­com­mit­tal pen­cil is for am­a­teurs), power to you! Like, se­ri­ous props. If, how­ever, you’re part of the other 98 per cent of us liv­ing hu­mans, a kick up the butt in the form of a brand­new, snazzy, wellthought-out fit­ness plan wouldn’t go astray. So, here it is! We’ve put to­gether a killer work­out pro­gram that will get you fit, trim and toned for sum­mer and be­yond, guid­ing you through four weeks of body­chang­ing moves and rou­tines. Your ex­er­cise over­haul starts right here.


Easy! On four days a week, you’ll do a warm-up fol­lowed by a cir­cuit or an AMRAP work­out (that’s as many rounds as pos­si­ble within a set amount of time). Wed­nes­days and Sun­days are your car­dio days – choose be­tween in­ter­val train­ing or a steady-pace ses­sion. “All this var­ied train­ing is great to keep your body guess­ing,” ex­plains ac­cred­ited strength and con­di­tion­ing coach Bradley Tin­klin. “Our bod­ies are very smart and adapt­able, and this can some­times be the cause of a plateau. Switch­ing up things like move­ments, in­ten­sity, time and re­sis­tance can all help to con­tinue to pro­duce re­sults.” Hang on, rewind a sec, we hear you say – work­ing out on a Sun­day? But that’s the day for brunch­ing in loungewear! Not for the fore­see­able: Sun­day is now a pro­duc­tive train­ing day. “Sun­day can be a great day to train as most of us don’t have work or too many com­mit­ments, so you have time to com­plete a good solid warm-up, work out and cool down,” says Tin­klin. “Plus, know­ing you have a ses­sion on Sun­day can help keep you out of the pub on a Satur­day night!” Well, you get out what you put in, right? Let’s do this.

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