Four de­li­cious ways with top­less sand­wiches

We’re call­ing it: these bread-based good­ies are the Scandi an­swer to brunch. Tasty and nu­tri­tious san­gas com­ing right up!

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Tasty takes on a lunchtime clas­sic

Low in fat and high in pro­tein, prawns are a mus­cle­build­ing dream. Plus, they’re rich in se­le­nium – proven to fight age­ing and dis­ease. So don’t skimp on shrimp.

◆ 1 tsp dill, finely

chopped, plus

ex­tra to gar­nish

◆ 2 tsp cream cheese

◆ 1 tsp crème fraîche

◆ Zest and juice of

1 whole lemon

◆ Black pep­per

◆ 1 tsp but­ter

◆ 1 slice of

sour­dough bread

◆ 2 leaves of lit­tle

gem let­tuce

◆ 80g cooked prawns 1. com­bine dill, crème To cream make fraîche the cheese the chopped with dress­ing, and half the sea­son lemon with juice pep­per. and 2. But­ter your slice of bread and then lay the lit­tle gem leaves on top. 3. Spoon the dress­ing on to the let­tuce and load up with prawns. Then gar­nish with lemon zest and dill. Sea­son with black pep­per

and serve. Easy-peasy.

Hay: not your usual store-cup­board in­gre­di­ent, sure, but en­gage in a lit­tle chem­istry and it makes for a smokin’ taste, say the chefs at Lon­don-based Dan­ish eatery Snaps + Rye. We’re game if you are.

◆ 3–4 new pota­toes

◆ Hand­ful of hay (the

kind you’ll find in a

pet store – no, re­ally)

◆ 1 tsp but­ter

◆ 1 slice of dark

rye bread

◆ Hand­ful of curly kale

◆ 3 tsp may­on­naise

◆ 1cm horse­rad­ish

root, grated

◆ A few ready-salted

potato chips

◆ 2 rings of red onion

◆ Salt and pep­per

1. Boil the pota­toes un­til ten­der, then re­move their skins and al­low to cool be­fore slic­ing.

2. Now it’s time to go all He­ston. Pop the hay in a fry­pan, light with a match and let it burn down a lit­tle, then cover with an­other pan and al­low it to smoul­der for that all-im­por­tant smoky flavour. 3. But­ter the bread and make a bed of curly kale on top. 4. Cover the pota­toes in the ashy hay and place on top of the kale. Then mix the may­on­naise with the horse­rad­ish and dol­lop it over the potato.

5. Gar­nish with a few chips for the cru­cial crunch fac­tor, fin­ish with the red onion rings and sea­son. Smokin’.

Not all chicken san­gas are made equal. This one has a healthy pro­tein-carb-fat ra­tio and tastes de­li­cious. Pile it high and de­vour post-satur­day-morn­ing run.

◆ 50g Shimeji mush­rooms

◆ 250g but­ton mush­rooms

◆ 100ml ap­ple cider vine­gar ◆ 100ml olive oil ◆ 100ml wa­ter ◆ 5 pep­per­corns ◆ 2 bay leaves ◆ Hand­ful of sage ◆ 2 tbs peas

◆ 1 chicken breast ◆ 1 tsp crème fraîche ◆ 1 tsp may­on­naise ◆ ½ tsp mus­tard

◆ 1 tsp but­ter

◆ 1 slice of dark rye bread

◆ Hand­ful of rocket ◆ ½ av­o­cado, sliced ◆ Juice of ¼ lime ◆ A few chives

◆ Salt and pep­per

1. Quar­ter the mush­rooms and fry un­til golden, then add the vine­gar, oil, wa­ter, pep­per­corns, bay leaves, sage and a pinch of salt

and sim­mer un­til ten­der. Al­low to cool, then put in a glass jar, en­sur­ing that the liq­uid covers the mush­rooms. Store in the fridge.

2. Put the peas in one pan and the chicken in an­other, cover both with boil­ing wa­ter and cook. The peas will take 3 mins, the chicken about 25. Once the lat­ter’s cooked, re­move and shred.

3. Com­bine the chicken, peas and some of the mush­rooms in a bowl with the crème fraîche, may­on­naise and the mus­tard. You want a nice, thick, creamy mix­ture.

4. But­ter the bread and top with the rocket, av­o­cado and a squeeze of lime to taste. Add the chicken salad on top.

5. Gar­nish with more pick­led mush­rooms and chives, then sea­son. Now, get in­volved.

This light bite serves up a dou­ble whammy of good­ness: omega-3 (thanks to the salmon) and en­durance­boost­ing ni­trate (we’re look­ing at you, beetroot).

◆ ¼ green ap­ple, cut into match­sticks

◆ Juice of ½ lemon

◆ 1 tsp but­ter

◆ 1 slice of sour­dough bread

◆ 1 golden beetroot, sliced

◆ 125g smoked salmon ◆ 2 tbs pick­led beetroot ◆ ¼ shal­lot, finely chopped

◆ 1 tsp capers

◆ 1 tsp dill, finely chopped

◆ 3 tbs rape­seed oil

◆ ½ tbs bal­samic vine­gar ◆ 1 tsp whole­grain mus­tard

◆ Salt and pep­per ◆ Hand­ful of wa­ter­cress (op­tional)

1. Pop the ap­ple match­sticks in a bowl with the lemon juice to soak while you but­ter the bread. Ar­range the golden beetroot slices on the bread, then pile the smoked salmon on top.

2. Add the pick­led beetroot, along with the chopped shal­lot, capers and fresh dill.

3. Make a vinai­grette with the oil, bal­samic vine­gar, mus­tard, salt and pep­per. Give it a whisk and driz­zle it over the beetroot, then pop the ap­ple match­sticks on top and gar­nish with wa­ter­cress if you want to use it. Sea­son to taste. Beet that, baby. WH

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