Four ways with burg­ers

Trans­form your kitchen into the food truck of your dreams with these post-gym feasts

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Feast on these healthy two-han­ders from the gourmet grill. Eat up ladies!

A ve­gan burger? So, falafel then? Ac­tu­ally, no. This tasty recipe is high in fi­bre and feels to­tally in­dul­gent.

◆ 1 medium sweet potato

◆ 1 small onion, finely diced

◆ 3 tbs al­mond but­ter

◆ ¾ tbs ap­ple cider vine­gar

◆ 1 tsp gar­lic pow­der

◆ Salt and pep­per

◆ 130g kale or spinach

◆ 1 x 420g can white beans, drained and rinsed

◆ 150g bread­crumbs (op­tional)

◆ 4 buns of your choice

1. Bake the sweet potato un­til ten­der, then re­move from its skin and mash with a fork.

2. Fold in the onion, al­mond but­ter, vine­gar, gar­lic pow­der, ½ tsp salt, pep­per and kale or spinach. Add the beans, then con­tinue to mash.

3. Once com­bined, form into four pat­ties. If you wish, add bread­crumbs as nec­es­sary for a firmer con­sis­tency. Now fry un­til heated through.

4. Fi­nally, load onto a bun and top with your choice of sauce and salad.

Suc­cu­lent, juicy, enor­mous (now, now). Post sweat sesh, this iron-rich of­fer­ing will re­fuel your body to the max.

◆ 460g lean steak mince

◆ 2 tbs crushed gar­lic

◆ 1 tbs fresh thyme leaves

◆ 1 small red onion, diced

◆ 4 seeded burger buns

◆ 4 hand­fuls of let­tuce

◆ 1 gherkin, sliced

◆ 4 tbs red onion chut­ney


◆ 1 small white onion, finely sliced

◆ 1 car­rot, chopped

◆ 500g pit­ted prunes

◆ 1 x 420g can chopped to­ma­toes

◆ 40ml white wine vine­gar

1. Start by mak­ing the sauce. In a pan, sim­mer to­gether all the ketchup in­gre­di­ents for an hour. Then blitz un­til smooth.

2. Now for the burg­ers. Get stuck right in with your hands and com­bine the mince, crushed gar­lic, thyme and red onion. Then mould into four pat­ties.

3. Turn your grid­dle (or fry­pan) onto a high heat and cook the pat­ties for 3 mins on each side.

4. To build the burg­ers, warm the buns lightly un­der the grill, then spread with sauce. Next, add the let­tuce and the burger patty and top with gherkin and chut­ney.

An­other ve­gan op­tion. This time it’s made of chick­peas, which can help lower choles­terol, and egg­plant, which has a mash­able tex­ture that makes it per­fect for burg­ers.

◆ 2 egg­plants

◆ 2 red onions, finely chopped

◆ 50ml Tabasco chipo­tle sauce

◆ 5g smoked pa­prika

◆ 5g su­gar

◆ 240g chick­peas, drained and rinsed

◆ 50g ve­gan cheese, grated

◆ 270g bread­crumbs

◆ 5ml Tabasco sauce

◆ 1 tbs sun­flower oil

◆ 4 brioche buns

1. Grill the egg­plants for 5–10 mins, ro­tat­ing every few mins un­til the skin is black and crispy. Al­ter­na­tively, bar­be­cue them for an ex­tra-smoky tang.

2. Fry the onions, add 20ml chipo­tle sauce and the smoked pa­prika then stir reg­u­larly. Once the onions are soft, turn up the heat and add the su­gar, then con­tinue to cook un­til the onions caramelise.

3. Set both the onions and egg­plants aside to cool, then turn your at­ten­tion to the chick­peas. Stick

’em in a bowl with 20ml chipo­tle sauce and half-mash un­til you have a chunky paste.

4. Take the cooled egg­plants, pull off the tops and rub the charred skin off so you’re left with the flesh. Use two forks to break up the flesh in a bowl, add 10ml chipo­tle sauce and mix un­til coated.

5. Add the onions and the chick­pea mash then, us­ing your hands, bind it all to­gether. Add the cheese and bread­crumbs, mix well, then form into four pat­ties and driz­zle with the Tabasco sauce.

6. Heat the oil in a pan and siz­zle the pat­ties on each side for 2–3 mins or un­til golden-brown. Serve on a brioche bun with your favourite top­pings and sauce. Boom!

A gluten-free burger doesn’t have to be sand­wiched be­tween crumbly not-quite-bread. This de­li­cious alt-bun is high in pro­tein and healthy fats.

◆ 2 tbs Ca­jun sea­son­ing

◆ 50ml lemon juice

◆ 50ml rape­seed oil

◆ Salt and pep­per

◆ 4 chicken breasts

◆ 2 av­o­ca­dos

◆ 4 eggs

◆ 500ml egg whites

◆ 250g gluten-free oats

◆ 300ml skim milk

◆ 250g ground al­monds

◆ 100g low-fat yo­ghurt

◆ 100g low-fat sour cream

◆ ¾ tsp chilli flakes

◆ ½ tsp smoked pa­prika

◆ ½ tsp chipo­tle pow­der

◆ 4 hand­fuls of spinach

1. Mix to­gether the Ca­jun sea­son­ing, lemon juice (leave some for the avo smash) and rape­seed oil, then sea­son. Slather over the chicken and mar­i­nate for 6 hours, or overnight for even more flavour.

2. Mash the av­o­cado with a lit­tle lemon juice and then sea­son to taste.

3. For the waf­fles, blitz the eggs and the egg whites un­til foamy.

Then add the oats and con­tinue blend­ing while you add the milk and ground al­monds. Pour into a waf­fle iron and cook un­til golden.

4. Waf­fles all done, it’s time to grill your chicken. Give it 5 mins on one side be­fore flip­ping over onto the other side for 3–4 mins or un­til cooked through.

5. Mean­while, stir to­gether the yo­ghurt, sour cream and spices to make your sauce, and sea­son to taste.

6. Now to build the burger. Top one waf­fle with a dol­lop of sauce, a hand­ful of spinach, a chicken breast and some of the smashed av­o­cado, then top with an­other waf­fle. Talk about fin­ger-lickin’ good.

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