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With so many dif­fer­ent cleanser op­tions, which one is your face’s best fit? We break it down here

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Cut through the guff with our sim­ple, ef­fec­tive guide to cleans­ing your skin

tThe cleans­ing co­nun­drum used to be easy: cream or gel? But now it’s far more com­plex. You must “dou­ble cleanse”, claims one ex­pert. No, says an­other: good skin is the re­sult of no wash­ing at all. Wait … what?

We brought these mixed the­o­ries to top der­ma­tol­o­gists and cos­metic chemists, who agreed on a few rules: al­ways wash be­fore bed (it’s es­sen­tial for re­mov­ing oil, makeup, dirt and pol­lu­tion par­ti­cles that can in­flame), but it’s fine to forgo it in the morn­ing un­less you put on treat­ment prod­ucts such as retinol or gly­colic acid the night be­fore. Dou­ble cleans­ing? Pricey tools? Pretty much un­nec­es­sary. As for all the new cleanser types, we’ve de­coded the most pop­u­lar ver­sions so you can find the one that suits you per­fectly.

BALM Best for: Com­bi­na­tion skin. As well as util­is­ing dirt-bust­ing oils, these hum­ble guys of­ten con­tain nat­u­ral exfoliators, which help to slough rough patches and un­clog pores. How to use: Warm a 5 cent-piece amount in your palms (it’ll melt into an oil), mas­sage into dry skin and wipe away with a wet cloth. TRY: Darphin Aro­matic Cleans­ing Balm with Rose­wood, $62 This cleans­ing balm of­fers a full sen­sory ex­pe­ri­ence, with our tester com­pli­ment­ing its beau­ti­ful smell and feel as part of her #self­care­sun­day rou­tine. OILBest for: Dry skin or those who wear lots of foun­da­tion. The base is made with ma­rine oils – ideal for re­mov­ing face and eye make-up.How to use: Shake gently, then mas­sage the for­mula into dry skin to re­move make-up and im­pu­ri­ties. Wipe off with a soft wet cloth. TRY: La Mer The Cleans­ing Oil, $112 Our tester says she’s now con­verted to cleans­ing oil for life af­ter try­ing this clever prod­uct. Af­ter adding wa­ter, the oil turned to milk that left her skin feel­ing lux­u­ri­ously soft, fresh and healthy. CREAM Best for: Dry or sen­si­tive skin, or if you use mois­ture-sap­ping prod­ucts for acne or wrin­kles. Creams mix high lev­els of emol­lients (hy­drat­ing in­gre­di­ents) to break up grime with low lev­els of sur­fac­tants (cleans­ing agents) to knock out muck. How to use: Ap­ply a 5 cent-piece size onto dry skin. Re­move with wa­ter and feel the soft­ness! TRY: Mu­rad Resur­gence Re­new­ing Cleans­ing Cream, $50 This for­mula, packed with nat­u­ral skin-friendly oils, left our tester’s parched skin feel­ing hy­drated and glow­ing through­out the day. MI­CEL­LAR WA­TER FOAMBest for: Nor­mal or oily types who aren’t us­ing top­i­cal acne meds (the combo could be overly dry­ing). The pil­lowy tex­ture feels es­pe­cially nice post-work­out.How to use: Wet your face first and pump a sin­gle serv­ing into your palm, then slather it from the chin right up to the fore­head to pre­vent any fall­ing into eyes. Rinse off with wa­ter. You’re done! TRY: Ori­gins Checks and Bal­ances Frothy Face Wash, $33 Af­ter a five-kilo­me­tre run, our tester said her face felt oily – this cleanser helped to leave it re­freshed but not dry. Nice! GELBest for: Oily or com­bi­na­tion skin. Many gels now boast added hy­dra­tors; this one con­tains B5 pan­thenol to soothe and calm.How to use: Lather with wa­ter and gently mas­sage a dol­lop of gel onto your face us­ing cir­cu­lar mo­tions. Then rinse off. Easy! Ul­traceu­ti­cals Ul­tra Bal­anc­ing Gel Cleanser, $55 My face felt calm and clean af­ter I washed it but not too dry, said our tester, im­pressed. WH Best for: Women with nor­mal skin who aim for a low-main­te­nance rou­tine – you don’t even need to turn on the tap with TRY: this. The tiny oil mol­e­cules act like a dirt mag­net; then the for­mula’s H2O and mild sur­fac­tants sim­ply sweep it away. How to use: Soak a cot­ton pad, then blot skin. Re­peat un­til noth­ing more comes off on the pad. Yep, it’s that easy! TRY: Garnier Mi­cel­lar Cleans­ing Wa­ter, $13.99 Af­ter a late night, our tester was sur­prised that her face felt clean enough to hit the pil­low with­out a full cleanse and rinse.

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