Straight on top, curly on bot­tom

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War­ring fac­tions

Largely due to ge­net­ics, many women ex­pe­ri­ence the straight strands on top of their head and the curly ones be­low. “The hair up top has more ex­po­sure to the sun and heat­ing tools and is be­ing pulled and touched more,” says En­gel­man. This breaks down the cor­tex of hair, which – like the core of your body – gives struc­ture and shape. Those top pieces will then un­furl and lose curl. Un­ruly hor­mones (a re­sult of preg­nancy or stress) are also a key cul­prit in tex­tu­ral changes. Oe­stro­gen and testos­terone lev­els af­fect the di­am­e­ter, tex­ture and strength of any given strand.

To make peace... Layer on lay­ers

Crazy but true? The right cut can be the per­fect peace­maker. Ask your hair­styl­ist for face-fram­ing, grad­u­ated lay­ers. They work a treat! “Shake up your one hair length by what I call ‘re­leas­ing the weight’,” says Nader. “It’s all about light­en­ing up the heav­i­ness so your hair can add that ex­tra vol­ume where needed and frame del­i­cately around your face.”


Yes, you can align your two tex­tures. To make your curly-straight combo straighter, ap­ply a smooth­ing cream on curls and flat-iron them, work­ing in small 2.5cm sec­tions of hair so you don’t miss lay­ers. Want your curlystraight combo more curly? Curl only the straight sec­tion, Nader ad­vises.

Do the twist

Waves help curls and straight strands co­ex­ist. Prep in the shower with Pan­tene Pro-v Foam Con­di­tioner Vol­ume & Body, $9.99 [3]. From roots to tips of damp hair, work through a golf ball–sized amount of a soft-hold mousse. “To get re­laxed waves, start at the nape area by tak­ing hor­i­zon­tal sec­tions (ap­prox 2.5cm-5cm wide) and comb smooth, then twist in­wards with your fin­gers and let the twists hang. Do this up to the crown and from the ears up to the part line. Then, at­tach a dif­fuser to your hair dryer and use cir­cu­lar move­ments over the hair and dry to 80 per cent,” says Nader.

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