What’s the best way to bond with my boss?

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AN­SWER As ass-kissery as this sounds, bond­ing with your boss is es­sen­tial to your job, says Amanda Stein­berg, founder of dai­ly­worth.com. This doesn’t mean be­com­ing morn­ing cof­fee besties. Stein­berg’s ad­vice? Next time you have a mo­ment to­gether, ask her how she feels your divi­sion or the com­pany is do­ing. When she re­sponds, re­peat back to her what she said in your own words, with­out adding ex­tra com­men­tary or judge­ment. “She will value your abil­ity to lis­ten and un­der­stand what’s im­por­tant to her with­out mak­ing it about you,” ex­plains Stein­berg. An­other strat­egy: if you see that she’s stressed or busy, of­fer to grab her lunch while you’re out. Bond­ing, sorted.

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