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If there’s a per­fect word to de­scribe Brooke Ho­gan on the day of our photo shoot, it’s ‘trooper’. The Syd­ney weather gods brought it all – omi­nous skies, tor­ren­tial down­pours – but, when the odd block of sun­shine struck, there was Brooke work­ing it like a true pro with­out a word of com­plaint. Not sur­pris­ing, re­ally. The 26-year-old, who grew up on the Morn­ing­ton Penin­sula (and counts Keep it Cleaner’s Steph Smith and Laura Hen­shaw among her mates), has been modelling since her teens – fea­tur­ing on Aus­tralia’s Next Top Model and work­ing with mega brands such as Bras N Things, Nike and Tommy Hil­figer. And 2019 is set to be her big­gest year yet, with the cre­ation of her own swim range plus a col­lab­o­ra­tion on pieces with Aussie ac­tivewear favourite Jag­gad. Safe to say Brooke Ho­gan is se­ri­ously go­ing places. But, as she shares with WH, home is where her heart re­ally is.

You’ve got such a big Year ahead! how are you feel­ing?

I know! I’m lucky to have worked with some in­cred­i­ble brands [in my ca­reer]. I’ve col­lab­o­rated with Jag­gad, a brand I’ve loved for a re­ally long time, so that [range] is set to be out in mid Jan­uary.

Stay tuned! Then I’m go­ing to LA in March or April, which is re­ally ex­cit­ing to tap into a dif­fer­ent mar­ket. I went to New York for a cou­ple of cast­ings, [but] it wasn’t re­ally my vibe. I’m quite nor­mal, I like wines and go­ing out for din­ners with my girl­friends, and I wasn’t re­ally pre­pared to change my life­style for what they wanted. I feel like LA’S more re­laxed, so I’m ex­cited to go there and see what hap­pens.

You also have your own swimwear project too, right?

Yeah, we’re in the early pro­cesses now. I want to cre­ate a brand for all women of all sizes [and] shapes, to feel con­fi­dent [enough] to wear swim­ming. With my whole ca­reer, I’ve been bal­anced with my life­style and with my body weight and I’ve never re­ally let any­body change who I am. I want to bring that out in [swimwear] and cre­ate a brand that’s a move­ment for body equal­ity and body pos­i­tiv­ity.

Does that at­ti­tude come from the peo­ple around you?

Oh, ab­so­lutely. My mum’s just amaz­ing. When I signed to my sec­ond agency when I was 21, they said, “You could be this and you could be that ... you just have to lose XYZ inches.” I went home and called Mum, who was like, “That’s ridicu­lous. If you don’t want to do that, don’t do that. You’re great just the way you are. It doesn’t mat­ter if they’re promis­ing you the world, if that doesn’t make you happy just make an­other de­ci­sion.” I ended up leav­ing that agency. My boyfriend [Myles Pitt] is in­cred­i­ble, too. We’ve been to­gether about three-and-ahalf years, and he’s al­ways driv­ing and in­spir­ing me to do bet­ter. He works in hos­pi­tal­ity and his fam­ily has a gor­geous ho­tel down by the wa­ter in Sor­rento [in Vic­to­ria], where we’re also build­ing our house. We’re hop­ing it’s go­ing to be done this month. I’m ex­cited to have it

all fin­ished! I’ll still have a place [in Mel­bourne] for work, so I’ll prob­a­bly be spend­ing half my time at the apart­ment there and, hope­fully, half my time by the beach in Sor­rento.

Do you have a work Bucket list?

It con­stantly changes. I’ve been do­ing a lit­tle bit more on cam­era [and] I’d love to maybe go down the TV side of things, like pre­sent­ing roles. And I think ev­ery young Aus­tralian model would love to align them­selves with a well-known Aus­tralian brand like a depart­ment store – like David Jones. I love trav­el­ling, but home is where my heart is. Any­thing that keeps me here, I’ll be a happy girl.

let’s talk work­outs. what does your typ­i­cal week look like?

I work out four to five days a week for about 30 to 50 min­utes. It’s a mix­ture of high-in­ten­sity work­outs and a lot of pi­lates. I re­ally love pi­lates; it’s sort of like med­i­ta­tion for me – my time to re­fresh my mind, re-en­er­gise, switch off and put my fo­cus on be­ing in the mo­ment. When I travel, I’ll maybe do a 10-minute work­out in my ho­tel room to get my body mov­ing; or a two-minute plank, a cou­ple of pushups and even just stretches. I try to take a skip­ping rope and also booty bands in my suit­case, which are su­per light and easy to trans­port.

what does ex­er­cise Do for you?

I’ve al­ways been re­ally ac­tive.

Even as a kid I was al­ways play­ing bas­ket­ball, I did lots of cal­lis­then­ics and things. Not so much any­more, but def­i­nitely back in the day I was al­ways out­doors and run­ning and

loved sports. Now, for my job, I need to fo­cus on be­ing ac­tive to keep in shape, but I use work­outs more for my mind. If I’m feel­ing crappy, I’ll go for a run, or jump on a tread­mill, or go out­side. I al­ways find if my body’s mov­ing then my mind’s mov­ing, and I just al­ways feel so much bet­ter.

Take us through Your food day.

I usu­ally start with hot wa­ter and le­mon, and then ei­ther por­ridge with berries and honey or avo on gluten­free toast. I’m not gluten in­tol­er­ant [but avoid­ing it] just sits bet­ter for me. For lunch, a salad with fish or chicken – some sort of pro­tein. Snacks through­out the day might be a green smoothie – spinach, kale, al­mond milk or co­conut wa­ter, some frozen berries, ba­nana, a lit­tle honey or some nuts. I love ve­g­ies, so din­ner will have as many greens as I can get and then again some sort of pro­tein. I have a pretty stan­dard sort of diet – it’s things that make me feel good and en­er­gised. I love cof­fee, too. An al­mond milk latte is my go-to.

You re­cently posted on in­sta about learn­ing from fail­ure. how Did that come about?

I guess peo­ple see a high­light reel [on so­cial me­dia]. They think your life is this beau­ti­ful glam­orous thing and you’re never up­set and you’re never sad. That’s ob­vi­ously not the case – every­body has mo­ments where they’re not feel­ing great. I went for an in­ter­view for a job that I re­ally wanted and it was a bit of a process, and I found out a cou­ple of weeks later that I didn’t get it. I was quite dis­ap­pointed and up­set, so I sat down for a sec­ond and thought, “OK, but there are so many op­por­tu­ni­ties out there and great things hap­pen­ing around you. Try not to fo­cus on neg­a­tive things or those things you didn’t get.”

It’s a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence – it’s about be­ing ap­pre­cia­tive of what you’ve got ... and mov­ing for­ward.

who else are Your cham­pi­ons?

I have a girl­friend group. There’s five of us and we’re all so close. I ac­tu­ally live with one of my best friends now in Mel­bourne. I’ve known her since I was 14 years old and we’ve been best friends for years and years. My girl­friends are amaz­ing – they’re my big­gest sup­port. We all just love hang­ing out and we al­ways do an an­nual Christ­mas in July, Christ­mas lunches, and things like that. Hav­ing that solid, core group of girl­friends who just sup­port, drive and also mo­ti­vate you is re­ally im­por­tant for be­ing happy and suc­cess­ful.

speak­ing of hap­pi­ness, what does it look like to you?

Great ques­tion. Lead­ing a path that I love is my idea of be­ing happy. [And] be­ing healthy, ac­tive and hav­ing great peo­ple [around me]. I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t sur­rounded by a beau­ti­ful fam­ily and friends. I’m so lucky.

“i use work­outs for my mind. if i’m feel­ing crappy, i’ll go for a run, or jump on a tread­mill, or go out­side. i al­ways feel so much bet­ter.”

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