There might be a ba­sic gym near nan’s but you’ll still get a good work­out with these moves!

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Bar­bell hip bridge

Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Glutes

(a) Sit on the floor with a bench be­hind you and a weighted bar­bell over your legs. Roll the bar so it’s di­rectly over your hips and lean back so your shoul­der blades rest on the bench.

(b) Drive through your feet, push­ing up your hips. Squeez­ing your glutes, ex­tend as high as pos­si­ble. Hold the po­si­tion for 5 secs then slowly lower.

Loaded dead bug

Do: 10 per leg Tar­gets: Abs

(a) Hold­ing a 6kg dumb­bell, lie on your back with your arms up and legs raised and bent at 90 de­grees.

(b) Slowly lower your arms be­hind you as you ex­tend your left leg out in front on the ex­hale, then gen­tly re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat, this time ex­tend­ing the right leg. Lower the weight if your back arches off the floor.

For­ward and back­ward lunge

Do: 10 reps per leg Tar­gets: Glutes, quads, ham­strings

(a) Hold­ing a dumb­bell in each hand, step for­wards into a lunge on your left leg. Hold for 3 secs, then push off your left leg to re­turn back to the start­ing po­si­tion.

(b) Re­peat, but step be­hind into a back­wards lunge. That’s 1 rep.

Rene­gade row

Do: 10 reps Tar­gets: Abs, shoul­ders

(a) With a dumb­bell in each hand, start in a plank, keep­ing your pelvis sta­ble. Row your right arm back with­out twist­ing your shoul­ders, keep­ing your el­bows tucked in to en­gage your lats. End with your fist by your hip, then lower the dumb­bell back to the floor.

(b) Re­peat on the other side, then do a push-up.

Sin­gle-leg Ro­ma­nian dead lift

Do: 10 reps per leg

Tar­gets: Core, ham­strings

(a) Hold­ing a dumb­bell in your right hand, bal­ance on your left leg, keep­ing the knee slightly bent and your back straight.

(b) Hinge for­wards at the hips, swing­ing your right leg up and back, keep­ing the right arm straight so the dumb­bell is di­rectly in front of the left leg. Hold for 3 secs then re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion.

Kneel­ing shoul­der press

Do: 10 reps on each side Tar­gets: Shoul­ders, tri­ceps

(a) Kneel on your left knee, hold­ing a dumb­bell in each hand in front of your shoul­ders, with your palms fac­ing each other. Tuck your pelvis un­der and keep your core tight.

(b) Push the dumb­bells over­head, turn­ing the wrists so the palms face for­wards. Re­verse to start­ing po­si­tion.

Floor dumb­bell press into fly

Do: 10 reps Tar­gets: Chest, tri­ceps, shoul­ders

(a) Lie on your back with your arms sky­wards, palms fac­ing for­wards with a dumb­bell in each hand. Bend your el­bows to the floor, then press back up.

(b) Turn the dumb­bells so your palms are fac­ing each other, then lower the weights out wide with­out touch­ing the floor. Re­verse to fin­ish the rep.

Goblet squat

Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Hip flex­ors, quads, lats, calves, glutes, ham­strings

(a) Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold your dumb­bells to­gether in front of your chest, with your el­bows point­ing down.

(b) Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat, el­bows brush­ing the in­sides of your knees. Hold for 3 secs then push your­self back up. That’s 1 rep done!

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