Whether at yours or a relo’s, use your body weight and grav­ity to add re­sis­tance in the ab­sence of ex­pert kit or stu­dio space. Ge­nius!

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Walk­ing lunge with knee lift

Do: 15 reps per leg

Tar­gets: Glutes, quads

(a) Start stand­ing with feet to­gether, then lift your left leg so your thigh is at a 90-de­gree an­gle to the floor be­fore strid­ing it out in front.

(b) As your left foot hits the floor, bend the right leg un­til your left thigh is par­al­lel to the floor. Push back off the right foot to stand­ing and then re­peat on the other side.

Down­ward Dog push-up

Do: 40 reps Tar­gets: Back, tri­ceps, bi­ceps, abs

(a) Start in Down­ward Dog with your hands and feet glued to the floor, chest pulling to­wards your thighs and your hips high.

(b) Bend­ing at the el­bows, lower your head and chest to­wards the floor then push back up. Trust us, that’s some se­ri­ous all-over body ton­ing com­ing right up!

Squat and side kick

Do: 15 reps per leg

Tar­gets: Glutes, obliques

(a) Stand with your feet par­al­lel, shoul­der-width apart, with your fists clenched in front of your chest for bal­ance. Slowly lower down into a squat.

(b) Straight­en­ing the legs, rise back up, lift­ing the right leg to the side, squeez­ing the right glute and re­verse into a squat. Then switch and work the other side.

Step jump

Do: 30 reps Tar­gets: Quads, ham­strings, glutes

(a) Stand in front of a step and lower into a quar­ter squat, slowly hing­ing back at the hips to en­gage the glutes.

(b) Thrust your hips for­wards, swing­ing your arms, and push through your feet to pro­pel your­self onto the step be­fore step­ping back down to the floor.

Re­verse but­ter­fly kick

Do: 25 reps per leg Tar­gets: Ham­strings, glutes (a) Lie face down, head on your fore­arms, then squeeze your glutes and lift your legs off the floor, thighs to­gether. (b) Lift one leg higher un­til your thigh peels away from the mat. Lower your raised leg as the other comes up.

Plank leg lift

Do: 15 reps per leg

Tar­gets: Core, glutes, ham­strings, quads (a) Get into a fore­arm plank with el­bows be­neath shoul­ders. Your body should form a straight line from neck to an­kles. (b) From that po­si­tion, brace your core and lift your right foot off the floor, hold for a sec­ond, then re­place and re­peat with the left. Hang in there – you’re smash­ing it!

Run­ning step-up

Do: 25 reps per leg Tar­gets: Glutes

(a) Stand in front of a raised sur­face, then step up with your left foot and push off to quickly lift the rest of your body up, rais­ing the right thigh to cre­ate a 90-de­gree an­gle.

(b) Step back down to the ground with the right leg and re­peat on the other side. Then keep go­ing.


Do: 1 min

Tar­gets: Car­dio

(a) You re­mem­ber it from school days: hold­ing each end of the skip­ping rope, stand with the rope be­hind you.

(b) Swing the rope for­wards over­head and jump as it passes un­der your feet. Al­ter­nate legs as a vari­a­tion or do dou­ble unders. Child’s play! WH

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