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Be­tween your 9-to-5, Se­cret Santa shop­ping and fam­ily time, your stress lev­els can go through the tin­selled roof. TV’S Sally Ober­meder, founder of life­style brand Swi­ish, shares how she finds bal­ance.

“The end of year is sup­posed to be fun, so I re­mind my­self of that. I don’t go to ev­ery [event], be­cause that’s when it starts to be­come ex­haust­ing and you find your­self wish­ing the days away in­stead of en­joy­ing the time. I also try not to set dead­lines of hav­ing all my work done be­fore Xmas. Be­cause, guess what? It won’t be! I’ve be­come more re­al­is­tic [to avoid] un­nec­es­sary anx­i­ety [now]. Say­ing ‘no’ is some­thing I’ve had to prac­tise slowly and mind­fully. Hav­ing two young chil­dren has also forced me to get bet­ter at it. When I de­cline an in­vi­ta­tion, I don’t wait un­til the last minute – I thank the host and ex­plain that due to what I cur­rently have on my plate, I can’t at­tend. Kind­ness and ex­plain­ing your sit­u­a­tion hon­estly go a long way. My pro­duc­tiv­ity tip? Don’t check your email ev­ery five min­utes. Not easy, I know. I set aside two hours each day [for] them. On the home front, I dou­ble-batch all my cook­ing when the meal is freezer friendly. That way, there’s al­ways de­li­cious food at our fin­ger­tips.”

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