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Pre-flow sleep more bro­ken than the awks chat in your of­fice kitchen? Blame pesky hor­mones. “Sleep chal­lenges tend to oc­cur ... in the lead-up to men­stru­a­tion,” says Weaver. “At this time, pro­ges­terone – a nat­u­ral anti-anx­i­ety agent – is sup­posed to be dom­i­nant in re­la­tion to oe­stro­gen, how­ever sex hor­mone im­bal­ances are ex­tremely com­mon these days. Fluc­tu­at­ing [hor­mones] can con­trib­ute to changes in the chem­i­cal mes­sages in the brain, in­flu­enc­ing how amped up or how calm we feel, there­fore af­fect­ing our sleep.” BUST IT: Sort­ing out-of-whack hor­mones takes a mul­ti­pronged ap­proach. “For some women, [hor­mone im­bal­ances] might be ex­cess oe­stro­gen as a re­sult of a liver that’s un­der the pump, and so liver sup­port (eg, re­duc­ing ‘load­ers’ such as al­co­hol, caf­feine and re­fined sug­ars) can make a marked dif­fer­ence,” says Weaver. For oth­ers it may be ex­cess stress hor­mones. Try di­aphrag­matic breath­ing and med­i­ta­tion.

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