The bone booster

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Nutri­tional gains? This one is es­sen­tial for bone health and, as shown in a study by the Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, can help to re­verse bone min­eral den­sity loss (which kicks in from your 30s, you’ll be thrilled to learn) when taken as part of a cal­cium, cop­per and zinc sup­ple­ment. So what’s the rea­son for this es­sen­tial min­eral? “Man­ganese ac­ti­vates gly­co­syl­trans­ferases, [en­zymes] needed for the for­ma­tion of pro­teo­gly­can mol­e­cules, present in car­ti­lage,” says Ray­man. Where to find it: “Tea is prob­a­bly the sim­plest source for many peo­ple,” adds Ray­man. Not re­ally a tea per­son? Try por­ridge with cin­na­mon or cloves in­stead. Dose? Aim for 3mg daily. Ray­man says one or two tea mugs is plenty.

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