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Nutri­tional gains? Have a ten­dency to go hard in­stead of go­ing home when the mood takes you? Lis­ten up. “Al­co­hol of­ten con­tains sul­fites, which can dam­age the body,” says Duane Mel­lor, se­nior lec­turer in hu­man nu­tri­tion at Coven­try Univer­sity. “Molyb­de­num sup­ports an en­zyme called sul­fite ox­i­dase, which is in­te­gral to the con­ver­sion of toxic sul­fites into more in­ert sul­phates, which the body can then ex­crete in urine.” Very clever.

Where to find it: “Foods that grow above ground are higher in this hero than those that grow below,” says Irving. Think cau­li­flower, lima beans, peas, po­ta­toes and oats. Yum!

Dose? 0.065mg, which you’ll eas­ily meet with l00g of po­ta­toes. Now, mashed or boiled? wh

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