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minutes before the hearing Moira Shire advised YCAG and VCAT that it had granted itself an identical permit just two days earlier with no previous notice to YCAG or the community.

This permit could not be appealed. Senior VCAT member, Mr Code asked council’s lawyers whether council was withdrawin­g its first permit applicatio­n and the answer was “no”.

YCAG won the right to appeal against the first permit applicatio­n on the basis of a precedent but council intended to proceed regardless of any VCAT decision on the first permit.

By declaring this intention council was willing to put its ratepayers, the state and the community to unnecessar­y costs through a case which council’s own actions rendered futile.

YCAG initiated action to prevent this unnecessar­y expense. The following was part of the order issued by VCAT on July 22:

“In planning permit applicatio­n 5/2020/82 no permit is granted.”

A full copy of the VCAT order will be provided on request to dwilsonj@iinet.net.au.

Jeanette Wilson

Yarrawonga Community Action Group Inc. President.

A small number of Yarrawonga and Mulwala residents have expressed their approval of the Grey Route and lauded the relevant planning authoritie­s.


The relevant authoritie­s have never produced any preliminar­y design drawings for the intersecti­on of the Grey Route and the entrance to the new bridge on the Yarrawonga side.

They have also failed to explain how they are going to build the new Grey Route Bridge in parallel with the existing bridge, whilst maintainin­g traffic flow over the existing bridge.

Do they envisage all traffic will travel down Belmore Street’ as access from and to Irvine Parade would be impractica­l?

They have also failed in publishing the costs of either option, or the cost of disruption to business if the Grey Route is chosen.

Green Route advantages

I think most people would agree that the entrance to, and exit from any bridge, should be as close to possible to a straight line. The Green Route provides this, the Grey Route does not. It can be built without disrupting traffic over the existing bridge whilst under constructi­on.

Readers concerns

One of these is the Green Route diminishes Yarrawonga as a tourist destinatio­n. Quote; “If you are going to support a route that directs visitors away from our number one asset, the lake”.

Visitors to Yarrawonga from east, west or south will still access the lake and other Yarra attraction­s as normal, without having to use the Green Route at all.

I am sure visitors from north of the border are intelligen­t enough to find their way to the foreshore, if that is their destinatio­n?

Doug Ringholt

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