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and seems to be available for use by a café facing Belmore Street.

If a business is using the “finishing kitchen”, will it be available for events at the Town Hall?

The Lions Club of Lake Mulwala (formerly Lioness Club of Yarrawonga) uses the existing kitchen for catering and raises between $3000 to $10,000 a year. Funds which are donated back to community.

The new design is unlikely to be suitable for catering on the same scale if at all.

Sadly, if this project goes ahead, the community will regret how in many ways our town hall precinct was ruined.

Helen White

Wilby correspond­ence concerning the new bridge in July 14’s Chronicle.

The undeniable conclusion from data on the route for the new bridge has always been that the bridge is an overwhelmi­ngly local usage facility.

I am very surprised that any Mulwala resident would not support the grey route.

As a Mulwala resident I use the bridge to drive into Yarrawonga, attend to any tasks, predominat­ely in Belmore Street and head back over the bridge.

Brendan’s comments regarding foot traffic between our two communitie­s are also quite relevant. The grey route surely encourages this more than the green route.

If the green route is taken up, how are the poor residents of the wester ends of Piper, Orr and McNally Streets expected to cope with the flood of traffic into their residentia­l streets heading for Belmore Street.

I guess some Mulwala residents must think “it doesn’t affect me it’s just bad luck for them.”

So much for our one community credo.

The main cry from the green route supporters is “get the heavy trucks off Belmore Street”, so can we please get some data on where these trucks are coming from and where are they going to?

Yarrawonga and Mulwala aren’t exactly on the way to any major destinatio­ns so apart from local operators and deliveries, why couldn’t these trucks be required to cross the river at a more appropriat­e Corowa or Barooga.

I thought we were building a community bridge to cater predominat­ely for the requiremen­ts of local residents, not a Yarrawonga bypass.

Jeff Davies,


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