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Hoppers fall in see saw affair


On what ended up a lovely winter’s afternoon the Hoppers hosted the Katandra Kats for the first time since 2017.

The Hoppers were in this game until half time but dropped off after that to go down by 54 points. When Rennie were able to keep the game nice and close, they were able to keep the Kats at bay but when Katandra got the ball on the outside and were able to run and carry, they took the ascendancy. For Rennie Micka James was outstandin­g across half back, Bigger and McKimmie were excellent on ball, Cooper Jones is developing into a talented backman and Denver Bruce kept popping up where the ball was.

Willett kicked 3 for the Hoppers.


Coming up against the top side the Rennie reserves couldn’t quite get the job done on Saturday.

Significan­tly handicappe­d by the loss of talisman and coach Phibbs who was required for higher duties the side reflected his lax approach and struggled early.

The 2nd quarter saw them kick into gear a bit with the energy and goal kicking of big Sly the highlight.

The Hoppers tried to make a move in the 3rd stanza when Dylan Chung went forward and was a headache for his opponents, but the Hoppers ran out of steam.

Katandra got on top in the last quarter and try as they could, the Hoppers couldn’t catch them.

The junior’s strength continued with wins in all grades, whilst the seniors had a tough day against strong opposition.

A Grade

There were limited opportunit­ies for the first 3 quarters with the Katandra shooters red hot and tough to defend, but Tiarnah, Hannah and Abbey battled on.

Young 15-year-old Sophia Shaw joined Agrade for her 2nd game and the little pocket rocket fitted in perfectly from 1/2 time adding spark with Brooke, Brooke and Sophie.

With many changes at 3/4 time, swinging Brooke Knight and Ella back in goals put the pressure on and ran away with an 18-9 final quarter.

An excellent game even though the Hoppers lost, the girls are learning each week and improving each time they step out together.

Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Brooke Knight, Priority fitness – Sophia Shaw, Hardluck – Hannah Shoppee.

B Grade

After a long break from netball, this game was very much a goaler dominated game. Both teams shot well and combined well to make it hard for defenders.

Rennie goalies Danielle and Ebony certainly

Rennie 1.2, 5.4, 5.4, 7.7.49.

Katandra 3.4, 8.6, 11.11, 15.13.103.

Goals: Rennie: K. Willett 3, C. Strawhorn 2, M. Lonergan 2.

Katandra: C. Hickford 3, T. Herbert 2, M. Black 2, R. Shannon 2, T. Wilson 1, J. Caia 1, C. Teitzel 1, C. Calder 1, T. Jeffery 1, B. Simpson 1.

Best: Rennie: M. James, D. Bigger, D. Bruce, M. Lonergan, T. McKimmie, C. Jones. Katandra: C. Calder, J. Caia, L. Quibell, L. Dunkley, L. Quibell, M. Black.

Dom McInnes was fantastic for the home team and set a great standard for his older teammates to follow.

Tana and Boults tried hard but mirrored Willo’s rough day and kept getting caught.

Need a win next week to make finals so look out Deni!

Goals: S. Rayepa 2, D. Chung 2, D. Boulton 1, R. Vodusek 1.

Best: D. McInness, D. Chung, S. Rayepa, B. Benjamin, T. Freeman, T. Dykes.

Awards: BOG - Dom McInness, Lake Mulwala Bakery - Dylan Chung, Yarrawonga Hotel Sly Rapapa, Bi Rite Electrical - Brody Benjamin, Thyme for Coffee - Tana Freeman.

Under 17s

It was great to be back after the two-week break and the thirds were up and ready to go with the first bounce.

It was always going to be tough against 3rd placed Katandra however the boys gave it their all.

The first quarter was the best as the Hoppers kept them to 1 goal 4 to 1 point however the bigger deserved their best on ground performanc­es. Rennie finished off strong but could not make up the deficit from the first quarter.

Celine, Maddy and Coco worked hard in defence. Maddy came down with an injury but in true spirit came back on at half time to finish strong.

Celine was a great voice down the court. Laynee and Alianah made some great passes into the goalers. But best passer for the day must go to Georgia, her passes were textbook and made the goalers job a lot easier.

The girls certainly finished off the game well, great team effort.

Awards: Club Mulwala- Dannielle Walker, Publicans Daughter -Ebony Phibbs, Hardluck Georgia Hope.

C Grade

Coming into last weekend the Hoppers knew they would be up against tough competitio­n and being down 4 girls from the team the Hoppers welcomed some help from Paula and Brylee.

The girls came out strong working together and putting in 110%. Defence was always going to have a busy day and Anika fought all game only missing some balls by the tips of her fingers.

Paula brought her knowledge and calming presence to the game and helping with plenty on the scoreboard.

The mid court did their thing and were consistent all game adjusting to all the changes that were made over the game.

Was extremely happy with the game whether win or lose the girls keep pushing and fighting. bodies of Katandra proved too strong for the Rennie boys.

Coach Fountain asked for a big last quarter and while the Hoppers didn’t win the quarter, they certainly slowed the scoring of Katandra down.

It was also great to see that no-one gave up. With one week to go before finals lets work hard at training this week and be ready for the ladder leaders in Deniliquin.

Goals: B Kennedy 1.

Best: D. McInness, O. Cope, C. Tanner, L. Kelly, M. VanMaanen, B. Kennedy.

Awards: Murray Valley Rural Supplies - Noah Clarke, Paternoste­r Farms - Harry Barker, Wingates - Damon Murray, Bull Plain Farms - Dom McInness, C & T Rhodes - Ollie Cope.

Under 14s

What a beautiful, sunny, winters day for footy with the kids keen to be back playing after two weeks off. It was an even competitio­n between the Rennie and Katandra teams both strong around the contested footy.

The Rennie kids played hard at the footy with

Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel- Anika Welsh, Miss Dolly - Brylee McCarty, Hardluck - Nada Nolan.

C Res

The day started with a change up in position for Bree helping in the ring to shoot with Jess. Eden and Amy drove well making great position and Ash, Jazz and Jess B working overtime in defence. Quarter time saw Paula come on to help the girls with some long bombs landing from everywhere.

Jazz passing some rippers into Paul, the look on Jazz’s face was priceless.

Half time C Res welcomed back Kymmie from injury and she slotted straight back into defence and played a blinder.

Tan also came on and enjoyed playing again with Paula after many years. Jess finished well shooting strongly and was at times under a pressure with rockets fired in her direction.

Bree moved to defence and kept very busy. Amy continued to run all day and Eden, Jess B and Ash’s pressure in the mid court never let up.

The day ended with a loss to quality opposition, but a lot of fun and laugher was had by the Rennie girls on a beautiful day out.

Awards: Club Mulwala- Jasmine Burns, Miss Dolly – Tanya Rhodes, $10 Rennie Bar – Paula Mifka, $10 Rennie Bar – Amy Smith, Publicans Daughter – Jess Westwood.


After having two weeks off and coming up against 3rd on the ladder, the girls nerves were set on high.

After a strong warm up before the game, the girls were ready to go. The first few minutes of the game showed a great contest between both sides.

With constant hands over pressure, communicat­ion and driving onto the ball, the girls were able to slowly creep away from the first quarter and were able to build from this throughout the rest of the game.

As always, the girls played a united team game, where there was multiple position changes and combinatio­ns; all of which were executed beautifull­y, and the girls never dropped their heads. lots of strong tackling in the first half and some great passages of play resulting in scoring shots for the Rennie team and as usual enthusiast­ic celebratio­ns.

The second half continued the great even game and Rennie’s strong defence kept Katandra goalless in the third with Rennie scoring two.

The last quarter saw the Kats take full advantage of the breeze kicking 3 goals 4 to take the game but continued defensive pressure from the little Hoppers made for a great game for all to watch.

Goals: H. Lonergan 1, C. Payne 1, L. Burrows


Best: H. Lonergan, T. Clarkson, N. Robinson, D. Rhodes, F. Strawhorn, J. Rhodes.

Awards: I & P Ferguson - Hunter Lonergan, Kennedy Builders - Aiden Lawless, STF Engineerin­g - Demi Rhodes, Murray River Electrical - Nick Robinson, Lake Mulwala Bakery - Jye Langford, Yarra Pet Resort - Jasper Rhodes, Rennie Catering - Finley Strawhorn.

So last round of the season at Rennie this week with the big game in the two’s with the winner grabbing a finals spot, then post-match let’s all stick around for beers and pizza.

Thank goodness the club got to play the sport we love, and the weather was kind with the sun coming out.

Bring on next week- 1st vs 2nd.

Awards: Redback – Steph Munro, Rhodes Family – Sophia Shaw, Papalias – Hannah Shoppee.


Under 15s welcomed Lucy Bassett back to the team after a long absence and it was great to be back on the court. A wonderful team effort with everyone contributi­ng.

You all showed your versatilit­y on the court playing in many different positions and you handled the challenge without skipping a beat.

The coaches have loved watching you all grow your skills as players and playing as a team.

Whatever happens from here on to the end of the season you should all be proud of yourselves and enjoy the next couple of weeks.

Awards: Wingates -Lucy Bassett, Rhodes Family – Abbey Shoppee, Hardluck – Violet Elliott.


What a great week to be back playing footy and netball. The little Hoppers were very eager to get back on the court and show everyone that 2 weeks off won’t hold them back.

The girls had a great win against Katandra with the shooters accuracy never dropping and the defence ran circles around their opponents.

It is good to be back watching the little Hoppers grow and develop their already amazing netball skills.

Awards: Rhodes Family – Chelsea Kerr, Starr Family – Sophie Coghill, Robinson Family – Alani Petersen.

U13s Developmen­t

Girls all played well, with a fantastic morning for netball. The girls all played several positions and have improved so much over the season.

With a couple of girls away Maisie filled in. Next week for the last game the coaches are hoping the girls will get to play a part of the game in one of their favourite chosen positions.

Awards: Robison Family - Maddi Kerr, Starr Family - Hayley Robinson, Rhodes Family Charli Watson.

 ??  ?? Beau Hornidge takes a great contested mark.
Beau Hornidge takes a great contested mark.
 ??  ?? Chase Strawhorn stood firm at the back of the pack to take this mark.
Chase Strawhorn stood firm at the back of the pack to take this mark.
 ??  ?? Denver Bruce was a ball magnet, popping up all around the ground.
Denver Bruce was a ball magnet, popping up all around the ground.
 ??  ?? Khris Willett was the Hoppers leading goal kicker with three majors.
Khris Willett was the Hoppers leading goal kicker with three majors.
 ??  ?? A Grade’s Tiarnah Keeley battled hard.
A Grade’s Tiarnah Keeley battled hard.
 ??  ?? Maddy Phibbs worked hard in defence in the B Grade all game.
Maddy Phibbs worked hard in defence in the B Grade all game.

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