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Pigeons secure young talent


The Pigeons were beaming when advising the Yarrawonga Chronicle of a number of signings of their young players including the following young guns:

Jack Sexton, Matt Casey, Bailey Frauenfeld­er, Josh Tonna, Jordan Urquhart, Zac Banch, Jess Koopman and Jack Forge.

Senior Coach Mark Whiley said: “whilst the injury toll of 2021 has been a nightmare, it provided opportunit­ies to many of our young guys with increased game time and in big roles week in week out.

“Whilst it was not what I had planned at the start of 2020 or 2021 it has fast tracked developmen­t and being involved with such a young group is exciting.

“Whilst Covid has caused a few delays I am keen to sure up all our great young guys.”

Coach Whiley is also hopeful to continue the junior developmen­t with other Under 18 young players such as: Ned Pendergast, Jett Smith, Will Wheaton and Will Sexton in 2021 and into 2022.

Along with the young guns, coach Whiley also has commitment from Lach Howe, Harry Wheeler, Willie Wheeler, Logan Morey, Leigh

Masters, Tyler Lovell and Brandon Symes who will all return in 2022.

Further, he is hopeful Xavier Leslie and Tyler Bonat will extend their stellar careers assisting him in developing his list briming with talent.

The Yarrawonga Pigeons also hinted there just might be a couple of names to add to their squad.

Pigeon Loft

Following the Yarrawonga Pigeons announceme­nt of its core senior coaching staff for the 2021 season, the Pigeons coaches have wasted no time securing the services of their local talent.

After a long break this weekend the Pigeons will host the Albury Tigers at the JC Lowe Oval.

On the informatio­n available today (Tuesday), the games will go ahead without crowds.

This is a very disappoint­ing result for all involved. Our club, we hope, is a place for people to come and watch sport and meet people. Without you all being part of it, it loses what makes it great, you.

We all hope things will change, but as a club we have steeled ourselves to play on regardless.

Our club was one of two clubs (or possibly three) who put in writing to the Ovens and Murray two weeks ago that we would simply play, crowds or no crowds, finals, or no finals, we just wanted to get our young people out there doing what they enjoy. We wanted to find some normality in these difficult times.

In fact, we have been doing that since March 2020 when this whole disaster kicked off. We were the only club in the region to run junior sport last year.

We are proud of our commitment to host sport and provide the best opportunit­ies for young people in our region to play.

Whilst these decisions negatively impact financiall­y the viability of the club, ultimately, clubs with great tradition stand their tallest when times are hardest.

 ??  ?? Harry Wheeler has put pen to paper again with the Pigeons.
Harry Wheeler has put pen to paper again with the Pigeons.
 ??  ?? Bailey Frauenfeld­er.
Bailey Frauenfeld­er.
 ??  ?? Matt Casey has also signed on again.
Matt Casey has also signed on again.
 ??  ?? Jack Forge.
Jack Forge.
 ??  ?? Jack Sexton.
Jack Sexton.
 ??  ?? Jordan Urquhart.
Jordan Urquhart.
 ??  ??

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