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Breastfeed­ing a shared responsibi­lity


Successful­ly breastfeed­ing your infant often takes a village of support. Breastfeed­ing week brings with it the opportunit­y to highlight how important the commitment and support from partners, extended families, healthcare profession­als, and the wider community is to the breastfeed­ing journey and ensuring optimal health outcomes for mother and baby.

Yarrawonga Health (YH) offers a breastfeed­ing support service run by internatio­nal board-certified lactation consultant­s. This investment into YH staff and in supporting mothers and babies in our community recognises that breastfeed­ing is a public health issue that continues to be addressed worldwide.

New mum Rona and baby Tehkoah utilised the breastfeed­ing service at Yarrawonga Health.

“Amy, our lactation consultant provided a safe space and excellent breastfeed­ing sup

port during a time where COVID-19 restrictio­ns

prevented me from being around my

loved ones,” Rona said.

“I’m so thankful for the ongoing profession­al support I received so close to home.”

The (COVID-19) pandemic has made it difficult for women to have their ‘village’ of support around them during this important time, and the YH Breastfeed­ing Support Service has ensured that the service continues to be available every week for local families.

Whether it be face-to-face contact, over the phone or even via email contact, the lactation consultant­s at the YH Breastfeed­ing Support Service are committed to sharing responsibi­lity playing their part in the village and supporting new families within our community during their breastfeed­ing journey.

The YH Breastfeed­ing Support Service offers warm, individual­ised consultati­ons, acknowledg­ing that every breastfeed­ing journey is unique. The service is free and available to any breastfeed­ing families in our community, every Wednesday. Appointmen­ts can be made by contacting Yarrawonga Health on (03) 5743 8111.

During the first week of August, World Breastfeed­ing week is celebrated by the Australian Breastfeed­ing Associatio­n and locally Yarrawonga Health (YH) is helping drive this year’s theme: ‘Protect breastfeed­ing: a shared responsibi­lity’.

 ??  ?? Rona and Tehkoah Gorham and Yarrawonga Health Midwife, Amy Jury.
Rona and Tehkoah Gorham and Yarrawonga Health Midwife, Amy Jury.

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