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Netballers raring for finals campaign


The 2021 season started off with 10 young new players who were determined and passionate about their netball.

Throughout the year the girls have worked hard both on and off the court with multiple girls playing footy prior to their netball game to help the young footballer­s get on the field for a kick.

This year’s team is filled with girls that have the amazing ability to play all positions on the court.

The main shooters being Sophie Coghill, Demi Rhodes and Alani Peterson who also shows your skills in the defence line.

All three girls have unbelievab­le accuracy with their shooting.

The mid-courts are dominated by Charlotte Burrows, Leah Pitcher, Iris Elliott, Darla Lawless and Steph Robinson.

Bringing us to the defenders who finish the team off with their height is Tess Bassett and Chelsea Kerr.

Bring on finals and no matter the outcome, these under 13s girls have worked hard, played as a team, developed their skills and most importantl­y had fun.

The Under 15s group are excited to be heading into the finals undefeated. That may however all change this weekend when we take on Deniliquin who are sitting on top of the ladder ahead of us by percentage. The Hoppers have had an amazing group of 10 girls who have come together at the beginning of the season from all parts of town and gelled on the netball court each of them bringing something special to the team.

Violet Elliott - Flexible attacking player. Whatever position she is given you know she will give 100%.

Abbey Shoppee - Strong WA and WD player who drives well into attack and great hands over the ball in defence.

Georgie Phillips - Amazing allround player in almost any position with go-go gadget arms.

Laynee Rhodes - Fast, reads the passage of play well to pounce on an intercept.

Lucy Bassett - Miss reliable in any position. Had a long absence due to an extensive finger injury. Very much welcomed back team member.

Heleena Shaw - Great defender, quick off the mark very flexible player can play anywhere.

Coco Vodusek - Excellent defender with height to match but can play anywhere. Reads the play well with eyes only for the ball.

Mia Wheaton - Nippy GA, C and WA great feeds into the ring and can shoot from anywhere.

The Mia’s combine well with their basketball background they sense where the other is.

Mia Elliott - The baby of the team eligible to play U13s, an amazing GS who knows how to hold strong and can back it up with great defence. Can also play at the other end of the court.

Ava Vodusek - Rock solid defence player who plays in front and collects many intercepts time and time again each game.

The girls had wins in the last three rounds amassing an amazing 152 goals whilst holding the opposition to just 6 goals whilst playing in many different positions. This just goes to show how talented they all are.

The rock solid defence throughout the court with excellent hands over the ball and eyes up for any intercepts has been the strength, combined with strong mid court and excellent shooters to finish off the hard work.

The club wish the girls all the best for your finals series and whatever happens going forward you should all be very proud of the players you are and your skills you have developed over the year.

Here we go again! Another finals season for this strong, focused and committed team. Rennie juniors have always been teams to look out for, and this season is no different.

Coach Brooke McDougall is excited and of course filled with nerves on how the finals season will play out for this top of the ladder team. Yet she is confident in each and every team member ability and has no doubt that whatever combinatio­n she throws them into, they will rise to the challenge.

This season the team is comprised of Captains Brooke Knight and Hannah Shoppee. Brooke is an incredible leader of the team, who is focused, determined and always 100% committed. Brooke can play anywhere on the court with what looks like ease, and is able to demonstrat­e such poise and skill with her control of the ball.

Hannah, also an incredible leader of the team, who isn’t afraid to have a voice when it matters the most. Hannah has arms for days, and this makes her defence one of the strongest on the court, no matter who she is partnered with and against.

The rest of the defence is filled by Abbey Coghill and Steph Munro. Abbey has been in and out of the season with an injury to her back, yet when she is playing on the court, she is strong and vocal and never backs down from a clean contest to win her teammates the ball or back them up in any situation.

Steph is new to the club this year, and has slotted into this team like you wouldn’t believe. Steph has a beautiful three feet that always leave her opponents agitated on where they are going to pass, as well as never taking her eyes off the ball.

The mid court this season has seen a lot of rotations between Mia Doherty, Sophia Shaw and Scarlett York. All three of these girls have the ability to play anywhere on the court.

With pocket rocket Sophia, who has stepped up from U15s this season driving to the ball, none of her opponents can keep up or contest the play. Mia has shown that patience is key even during a face paced and physical game of netball – her ability to listen and guide the ball into the goal ring is hard to beat.

Scarlett has seen every position on the court this season, and the club could not fault her. Scarlett always has a smile on her face and lightens up the court for the rest of the team, this along with her wicked lobs into the goalers and fast feet, make her a force to be reckoned with.

Down into the goal ring has seen multiple combinatio­ns this season, none being as tactical as Ella Rhodes and Sophie O’Dwyer. These two girls know how to move with each other in such a small space and often make shooting goals look effortless.

Ella never stops moving and is known for her posties. Sophie has finally found her feet and has shown that she can move when it counts, even if her long legs sometimes “can’t do it”.

Finally, the incredible team manager, Grace Stephens. Grace sadly is out this season with an injury to her knee. Grace has been to every single training and game and is a vital component of this team and the way it runs. The Hoppers can’t wait to see her back on the court very soon.

Finals are going to show multiple strong contests for the girls, yet they are ready to give it their all. After a long winning-streak, do not mistake their eagerness to win with natural ability alone; they put in the work every training session and they want to do what is best for the team, no matter the outcome.

Hard work will (fingers crossed), pay off!

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