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Lions solidify top four spot


The first quarter definitely gave the impression that Mulwala had come to play with some great passages of football from Jackson Gash off the half back line delivering to Sean Robbinson up forward who has been impressive with his finishing off in front of goals.

The midfield led by Bodhi, Brad Wilson and Sean Johns were winning the hard contests and also using their speed to show up their opponents.

The second quarter became a much more even contest as the backline came under more pressure but the likes of Dylan Robinson, Beau Clarke and Louie were able to minimise any damage with their constant attack on the football and calmness to extricate the footy out to the wings where Tanner and Harry were able to utilise their speed to Mulwala’s advantage.

Mul went into half time with a four-goal lead and only needed to continue their good play after the long break to get a win.

After half time the Mulwala players really begun to outshine their opposition and it was beginning to show with some very undiscipli­ned acts leading to many down the ground free kicks and 50 metre penalties to Mulwala.

To their credit the Mulwala boys remained committed to the football and this began to show on the scoreboard as Mulwala really started to gain momentum.

Gashy showed great courage going back to marking contests in the back line and at times almost seemed as though he had no opponent as he continued to drive Mulwala forward from the back line.

Bodhi had a strong game and was getting hammered by the opposition but continued to get back up on his feet and collect more possession­s.

The entire team continued to put their head over the footy and go hard at the contest all

Rumbalara 0.1, 4.6, 5.7, 9.9.63.

Mulwala 5.3, 9.5, 14.6, 19.8.122.

Goals: Rumbalara: J. Atkinson 3, J. Terlich 3, A. Miller 1, J. Patmore 1.

Mulwala: D. Robinson 6, A. Rouel 3, L. Taylor 3, J. Sutherland 2, J. Gash 1, C. Magher 1, B. Butts 1, S. Johns 1, D. Tannenberg 1.

Best: Rumbalara: D. Patten, N. Terlich, S. Stallion, K. Atkinson, J. Terlich.

game and it was a credit to Mulwala to not change their focus of winning the game of football and were rewarded with a ten-goal victory.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who were able to get over and contribute to the footy club in these difficult covid times in particular­ly Club President Chris McNamara who umpired the fourths, ran water for all 3 other grades and managed to withhold himself from the senior melee.

Without such great contributo­rs like Chris at the footy and Kerrie at the netball the Mulwala Football Netball Club would be finding these times even more difficult.


Rumbalara 3.11.29 defeated by Mulwala 11.14.80.

The Reserves game against Rumbalara is always a hard-fought contest and this week was no different.

The first quarter was an even contest and some wayward kicking by the opposition was keeping Mulwala in touch.

The much bigger opposition was proving a challenge for Mul but by the second quarter they were starting to tire and the run and carry game of Mulwala was taking charge.

Beaso was at his courageous best in the backline and midfielder­s in Andy, Mitch, Benny and Matty were starting to get some good passages of play to the leading forwards in Austin and Xav.

The old firm of Mumsy and Jocka were assisting the young players in Kyle and Jack to get loose and Mul really ran away with the game in the second half to secure a top four finals spot.

Goals: B. Radford 3, M. DiPetta 2, Z. McPhee 2, M. McLachlan 1, J. Kane 1, J. Macdermid 1, A. Maskell-Dunstan 1.

Best: C. O’Neill, N. Beasley, Z. McPhee, M. DiPetta, A. Miller, B. Radford.

Under 15s

Rumbalara 18 defeated by Mulwala 35. After a long wait the Lions finally got to play! All the girls worked together as a team, ensuring there was encouragem­ent and fun.

The goalers shot well and the defence was amazing. The mid court helped work the ball down the court, working well in both the attacking and defensive position they play.

All in all, a great win by the girls.

The awards went to Kealy House and Mila Fletcher.

Under 13s

Rumbalara 22 defeated by Mulwala 27.

Under 11s

The girls have been working so hard at training, and it showed last weekend on the court. Finding space, clearing and driving made the 11s Lions come together in a team effort.

The defensive pressure by Milla and Macey in the first half showed that they can stand up to the toughest of opponents, rebounding, chasing, and setting up the defensive thrown in. Bobbie and Skyla taking over defence in the last half proved that they can play any position, with hands over ball, and consistent turnovers.

Goalies Nat, Charli, Maddi, Bel and Rihanna all rotated between GS and GA, and even with tall defenders did well to hold their own, rebound, split set ups, and got in front.

Maddie and Rihanna also had a run on the wing, showing their versatilit­y and beautiful passing into the ring.

Bel and Charli changed it up moving to centre, with plenty of turnovers, and steadying the team when the pressure was on.

Under 17s

Rumbalara 1.6.12 defeated by Mulwala 14.7.91.

The Thirds again showed why they are undefeated this year with a solid first quarter display of team football.

The usual suspects around the midfield in Syd, Jett and the Psaltaris boys were giving some fine delivery to the forwards and Charlie and Jyda were taking full advantage.

After a quiet second term the boys really put Rumba to the sword in the second half and continuing their well-discipline­d year didn’t fall into the trap of scrappy football.

The coaching staff of Housey, Pickles and Trev have done a fantastic job of keeping the lads grounded this year and only need finals to go ahead to have a great chance of premiershi­p medallions.

Goals: J. House 10, A. Willett 1, J. Peters 1, R. Bartlett 1, A. Psaltiras 1.

Best: H. Nagle, H. Gillies, O. Elliott, R. Mitchell, C. Mitchell, J. House.

The senior team were looking to solidify their top four position against Rumbalara and give themselves the chance at sneaking in a top two finish with a victory.

Under 14s

Rumbalara 7.7.49 defeated Mulwala 2.3.15. The young cubs started the game well against their more fancied opponents and played some good team football early to minimise any damage on the scoreboard.

The second quarter the midfielder­s in Ollie, Van and Zach started to have more influence and goals through Ollie Watson and Nate Leith had the scoreboard very respectabl­e at half time.

The second half saw the backline under immense pressure, but Xav and Archie were getting good help from the midfielder­s dropping back to ease the load.

Nash McNamara was in everything even giving a bit of verbal advise to the umpire about the need for specsavers which might have earnt him a clip when he got home.

A great team effort saw the boys only go down by a few goals in what was a very entertaini­ng contest.

Goals: N. Leith 1, O. Watson 1.

Best: N. Leith, O. Watson, S. Tayler, N. McNamara, Z. Wheeler, M. O’Bryan.

Special mention to Nat, who took out the Malteser award, for chasing down lose balls, and her spectacula­r goal.

Well done girls, a great game to watch, you should be very proud.

Paradise Palms Award to Rihanna, Meal Voucher to Bel.

 ??  ?? Cameron Magher kicked a major in his sides 10 goal win.
Cameron Magher kicked a major in his sides 10 goal win.
 ??  ?? A Grade’s Tess McNamara.
A Grade’s Tess McNamara.
 ??  ??

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