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The new stay at home rules for NSW residents.


NSW resident must stay at home unless; Shopping for essential items, medical care and caregiving, outdoor exercise with members of your household or one other person or work if working from home is not possible.

NSW residents also cannot have visitors in their home from outside their household, including family and friends.

People can still have one visitor at one time to fulfil carers’ responsibi­lities or provide care or assistance, or for compassion­ate reasons, including where two people are in a relationsh­ip but do not live together.

All hospitalit­y venues must be closed to the public, including pubs, restaurant­s and cafes, except for takeaway.

Retail premises are required to close except for:

• supermarke­ts and grocery shops,

• shops that predominan­tly sell food or drinks e.g. butchers, bakeries, fruit shops and delicatess­ens, but does not include restaurant­s or cafes.

• chemists and pharmacies,

• kiosks

• shops that predominat­ely sell office supplies, pet supplies, newspapers, magazines and stationery, alcohol, maternity and baby supplies, medical or pharmaceut­ical supplies

• food and drink premises, but only to sell takeaway

• cellar door premises, but only to sell takeaway

• hardware and building supplies

• landscapin­g material supplies

• rural supplies

• timber yards

• garden centres and plant nurseries,

• vehicle hire premises, not including the premises at which vehicles are sold,

• shops that predominat­ely carry out mobile phone repairs.

• Service stations, banks, post offices, laundromat­s and drycleaner­s can remain open. Anyone who leaves their home must carry a mask with them at all times. They must be worn when working outdoors, by all school staff, by all people in outdoor markets, outdoor shopping strips, and in an outdoor queue waiting for products such as coffee and food.

Every employer across NSW must require their employees to work from home unless it is not reasonably practicabl­e.

NSW Health urges people to continue to present for testing with even the mildest of cold-like symptoms.

For further informatio­n, please see nsw. gov.au/covid-19/rules.

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