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The last round of the season finally got completed, however, not without covid interferen­ce.

A Grade

Rennie 34 defeated by Deni Rovers 38.

An exciting game to finish off the season. The Hoppers came out firing in the first quarter and gelled as a team.

Deni came out in the 2nd quarter and bridged the gap turning the balance of the game into a see saw game.

It was a thriller game congratula­tions to the girls for an excellent performanc­e.

Thank you to Mya and Sophie Pattison for filling in and fitting in so well.

Also to Sophie O’Dwyer an excellent game playing both GS and GK and handling the change with ease.

Ella and Hannah also contribute­d well for the full game!

Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Sophie O’Dwyer, Publicans Daughter – Sophie Pattison, Priority Fitness – Ella Rhodes, Miss Dolly - Hannah Shoppee.

B Grade

Rennie 19 defeated by Deni Rovers 30.

Congratula­tions to the B Grade girls who finished off the season with a great game. It was competitiv­e throughout and the girls never game up.

Rennie played as a team which was fabulous to see. Well done to Celine and Danielle for a strong game.

A big thank you goes out to Lexi for filling in, she played a great game and the team really appreciate her coming back and playing the last game.

The girls certainly finished off the game well, great team effort, but in the end, Deni came out victors.

Awards: Club Mulwala – Celine CollinsBye, Publicans Daughter – Alexia Mitchell, Priority Fitness – Danielle Walker, Miss Dolly – Scarlett York.

C Grade

Rennie 18 defeated by Deni Rovers 56.

The girls went into the game knowing it was going to be a tough one, but they didn’t let that stop them from giving it their all.

Anika, Steph, Charlie and Jae all put immense pressure on Deni’s attacking side, getting heaps of intercepts and rebounds!

Sophie, Adelle and Lexi shot amazingly and worked great in the ring!

Bri and Nada made the ball flow through the court with their awesome mid court skills.

It was a season full of fun and learning (and a few lockdowns) and it’s definitely sad to see it come to an end, but this game was a perfect finish. Well done girls!

Awards: Club Mulwala- Nada Nolen, Publicans Daughter – Jae Langford, Priority Fitness – Adelle Miles, Miss Dolly – Steph Munro.

C Res

Rennie 11 defeated by Deni Rovers 29.

Saturday was definitely mother daughter day for Rennie netball, with Brie and Steph, and Nada and Lexie getting to play together in C Grade.

In C Res the Hoppers had the pleasure of having Mya (Amy’s daughter) back in the green and white to play alongside her mum.

She stole her mum’s spot as the centre and did she run and had some lovely intercepts. Amy loved getting to feed the balls into the ring and receive some long bombs from mid court from her daughter.

Mya wasn’t the only one to return to wear the green and white, Charlie Hargreaves and Lexie Nolen came back to help out for the last games of the season.

Charlie, who is normally a defender got thrown in the deep end as one of the star goalie’s she moved well and shot with accuracy.

With none of the shooters being able to play Jess stepped back into attacking from her usual defensive position as well.

She quickly realised Deni was too tall for any lobs and moved really well in the ring to get passes from the front.

Lexie Nolen who said at the start of the game ‘I’ll go anywhere but the attacking goals’ turned out to be a superstar in the goal ring… glad the coaches didn’t listen to her wishes.

The defence was on fire with Kym and Bree working so well together in the ring, getting a stack of intercepts against a fairly tall side.

Kym did some leaps in the air which made everyone hold their breath, but she came away with the ball most of the time.

Bree’s help getting the ball from defence to the attack end was flawless like always and Eden managed to keep Deni’s wing attack very quiet as she had her completely covered.

The last quarter Eden was thrown from defence into attack and she definitely wasn’t quiet as she was able to get some lovely passes into the goalies.

Jess was also thrown into WD again as she had done such a good job the previous week, she definitely didn’t disappoint this week either.

What a fun season C Res has had… thank you Tanya for being the best non official coach that the girls could ask for.

The club have all appreciate­d your position choosing and your advice and motivation­al chats.

Awards: Club Mulwala – Mya Bye, Publicans Daughter – Kym Rhodes, Priority Fitness – Amy Smith, Miss Dolly – Eden MacKinnon.


Rennie 49 defeated Deni Rovers 28.

What a game and what a win!

Coming into this game, the stakes were high, and I’m (the scribe) sure both teams were feeling the pressure.

Being on top of the ladder and undefeated this season, the girls were nervous but ready to face off against second on the ladder.

The first quarter saw some amazing plays of netball from both sides, leaving the quarter tied.

From here on, the girls were able to use what they’d learnt in the first quarter to create space in the goal third and be patient with their passes, tighten up the defensive pressure in the opposition ring and force shots from all areas in the ring that were easily converted from amazing eyes up, positionin­g and communicat­ion.

The girls were able to continue to play beautiful netball with skill, poise and technique that allowed them to creep away from Deni and come away with a 21-goal win.

Fingers crossed we get a finals season, and can continue to demonstrat­e the strength, talent and determinat­ion that this team possess.

Awards: Wingates – Ella Rhodes, Redback Waste – Steph Munro, Redback Waste – Hannah Shoppee, Rhodes Family – Mia Doherty.


Rennie 21 defeated by Deni Rovers 45.

It was a top of the tables clash with both teams undefeated but the Hoppers met their match against a very strong smart team in Deni.

Rennie had some excellent passages of play and the defence of Heleena, Coco and Ava put in strong performanc­es all game. In attack Mia W tried hard all game.

Let’s regroup for the finals if it continues on. Thanks for an excellent season the girls have been amazing superstars.

Awards: Wingates – Heleena Shaw, Rennie Catering – Mia Wheaton, Rennie Catering – Ava Vodusek, Yarra Fish & Chips – Coco Vodusek.


Rennie 18 defeated Deni Rovers 14.

This week was the toughest week in the whole season for the little Hoppers coming up against top of the ladder.

The girls had an excellent warm up and were focused and determined from the very start.

The mid court was dominated by Steph, Darla, Iris, Demi and Charlotte. The defenders Chels and Tess caught every single rebound and the shooters Alani and Sophie held their own and did their job beautifull­y as always resulting in an amazing win for the girls.

Fingers crossed for finals time.

Awards: Everyone.

U13s Developmen­t

It was the U13 developmen­ts last game for the season.

Girls all choose 2 positions they liked and 1 position they did not want to play.

They had a lot of fun and a very busy game with changes being made to positions every quarter.

Well done girls you have all done a great job this year and improved so much. Hope to see you all again next year.

Awards – Everyone.

 ??  ?? Scarlett York was great in defence in the Under 17s win.
Scarlett York was great in defence in the Under 17s win.

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