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Community Strengthen­ing Grants – apply now


Moira Shire CEO Clare Keenan said this grants program aimed to provide funding for arts and culture; community events; health promotion; and environmen­tal sustainabi­lity.

“It is a great way to kick start a community initiative and is a vital function of Council,” Ms Keenan said.

“The grants, up to $10,000, help facilitate projects which enrich the whole community and can assist in the developmen­t of service, management of facilities, the coordinati­on of events and promotion of health or environmen­tal sustainabi­lity in the community.

“Arts and culture projects or events could include holding skills developmen­t workshops, hosting music or art events and exhibition­s, or workshops with community public art outcomes.

“Health promotion ideas may comprise


I am writing in regards to what I consider to be the unnecessar­y plebiscite that was completed to seek public opinion on the new bridge location.

If reported correctly, the volume of traffic crossing the current bridge, the grey route was at least five times that crossing the weir bridge, the green route. I am perplexed as to why the green vote was the route most favoured by the voting public.

Surely, the volume of traffic crossing the current bridge is a more accurate indication of the favoured direction by the travelling public.

It would appear the public have realised projects supporting active and healthy lifestyles or opportunit­ies to educate the community about mental health or drug and alcohol issues.

“Under the environmen­tal sustainabi­lity category you can submit applicatio­ns for projects that save water, energy or emissions such as the purchase of water saving fixtures and appliances, rooftop solar systems and energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting.”

Ms Keenan said people could apply online by visiting council’s website.

“If you require assistance in either planning your project or completing your applicatio­n form, just give us a call and our council officers will help you through the process,” she said.

“Applicants are encouraged to read the Community Strengthen­ing Grants Guidelines which include informatio­n on eligibilit­y, exclusions and terms and conditions prior to applying.”

Applicatio­ns close Friday, October 8.

Applicatio­ns are now open for Moira Shire Council’s Community Strengthen­ing Grants Program with grants up to $10,000 on offer.

that the best route is the most direct route. That being down Belmore Street, and I would be amazed if any business in the main street would want the traffic diverted away from their front door.

Those vigorously supporting the green route may have influenced the public vote but certainly not their driving habits.

And surely those who voted for the green route would not contemplat­e using the grey route now would they!

Name withheld.

Yarrawonga’s peculiar needs

Moira is an administra­tive entity. It is not an integrated community.

Yarrawonga is different from Cobram and the Western Section of the Shire; Yarrawonga is more inclined towards the East.

The Wangaratta Hospital is the centre of our hospital network and Albury/Wodonga is the special services centre.

Thus Yarrawonga needs to be conceived as having peculiar needs in terms of preservati­on of existing facilities and developmen­t of future facilities.

Yarrawonga is growing rapidly and needs a plan that looks at keeping: road, footpath, bicycle, mobile scooter and vehicle paths and roadways; recreation­al outdoor and indoor facilities; schools and shops in line with or ahead of such developmen­t.

Alan Williams.

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